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First time smoking a brisket

So I soaked my wood chips for nearly an hour. About 45 minutes into my cook they caught fire??? What are my opitions ?

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  1. Did you wrap them in foil and make a few slits.

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    1. re: treb

      I just soaked them and put them in the supplied tray

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        Keep adding more to the tray as necessary. I'd suggest wrapping in a foil packet next time.

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          Agreed with treb, you have to have them either in a foil pouch or stainless steel smoking box, that's why them burned.

        1. re: tim irvine

          On top of the old ones or just completely replace them ?

        2. Forget about chips and use chunks of wood, either the fist-size chunks you can buy at many hardware stores, or wood you've collected and harvested yourself. Fruit and nut woods are particularly good for smoking meats.

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            Many of us find soaking the larger chunks doesn't make a difference. Chips just burn too fast, may work for a smoker tray in a regular grill, but not a real smoker.

              1. So just keep adding new wet ones on top of the existing ones.

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                  THANKS EVERYONE !!!!!
                  Have a GREAT Memoral Day weekend

                2. Never soak wood chunks. Assuming you are cooking on coals, they just ruin your temp control. You WANT the wood to burn, that is what produces smoke. Also, never buy chips, only chunks.

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                    To each his own, I guess...but I disagree about not soaking the wood (no matter what form the wood is in).
                    In my experienced, unsoaked wood results in a much harsher character.
                    But again, as they say, "your mileage may vary".

                    1. re: The Professor

                      You have to soak wood chips because of there size, but if you soak chunks, the water only penetrates about 1/8 " or so, not really enough to slow the burn more than a couple of minutes. Soak a chunk overnight and then split it to see how much penetration you got, or save yourself the trouble by watching the Visio on the virtual bullet. You just don't get much from soaking chunks. Tried it both ways. Also told this in a BBQ class. Obviously, you can do what you think works.

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                        True...wood doesn't really soak up liquid like most folks think.

                        The thread however is talking about chips...which do need soaking.

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                          Agree, you absolutely have to soak wood chips. But they are typically under 1/8" thick, so they will saturate. They also don't come in direct contact with charcoals in most cases, so the water doesn't pull the heat out of the coals either.