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May 23, 2014 10:29 PM

Midtown Dining

Going to Atlanta in about a month. Staying in Midtown with 3 couples for a weekend. We haven't been to Atlanta in several years and when we have been we always stayed in Buckhead. Any particular restaurants we should do dinner at? Preferably in the same area.

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  1. Staying at Stonehurst Place if that gives any relation to the area.

    1. I currently live in Atlanta. My go to suggets in mind for Midtown/Buckhead are: 10th and Piedmont for brunch or lunch, St. Cecilia for dinner, and Red Pepper Taqueria for chill time with margaritas. Check out my blog also for more options

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      1. re: theeatlist

        Thanks! I am checking it out now! The Red Pepper Taqueria looks great!

        1. re: hheath9h

          Awesome! Definitely get a margarita and tones of salsa.

      2. It's really hard to direct you without a little more information ... thus:

        What's your budget?
        Any cuisine preferences?
        Will you have a car?
        What city are you coming from?

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        1. re: foodiebuddha

          Good questions.
          -Coming from Nashville, TN
          -We will have a car, will probably take a cab for dinner if it's any farther than walking distance.
          -No dietary restrictions. Usually "American" food. We aren't into much ethnic food unless a great patio is involved (Mexican) or sushi.
          -No real budget. It's just a weekend so pretty much anything is good although if it's more that about 50 a plate then we may not be excited about it unless it's really good. Nothing with a stuffy atmosphere.
          -We are all in our mid 20's
          -Love a patio.
          *Will be doing a braves game on that Friday*

          1. re: hheath9h

            Okay - well given those parameters here's what i suggest:
            Empire State South one night for dinner. If i'm correct in my presumption, places like City House & Husk are in your "sphere" and ESS is the one place in that neighborhood that will give you an opportunity to have that type of experience. You're not going to find any restaurant in ATL that has entrees quite at $50/head. Mid-30s is the high-end and that's where ESS falls. The best things about that place are the jars (things like pimento bacon jam and stuff like that) & the cocktails. The rest of the menu changes so who knows what will be on it when you come and what will be good. They have a patio as well with a bocce court. Reservations are a must for a party your size. (they aren't required but if you don't make one you won't get a seat)

            Your other dinner i would do at The Lawrence. The staff there is incredibly nice, it gets a good vibe and the food there at least fits the criteria you are looking for.

            Keeping in mind proximity and your age - i'd look at getting some drinks at places like Top Flr and at Proof & Provision. Both are about 5/6 blocks away from your inn. Papi's Cuban is right next to top flr if you want some solid cuban for either lunch or a dinner. Very casual, very affordable.

            If you're left with a 3rd dinner - it might be hard to find something that hits just right - so if you focus more on the experience with your friends and not "the best" place - i think you can have a great time. Steam house lounge gets a decent scene - they have an outdoor patio so that's a plus. Then there is a strip of restaurants on spring street between 8th & 10th ... marlows tavern is the anchor. You can search the web. Nothing spectacular their to eat but again - there are other factors at play.

            There are some spots on Crescent ave - Front Page News, Ri Ra, Ra Sushi, and a handful of others. Front Page has a lively patio so that might be a great fit for you guys as well.

            Definitely grab lunch one day at Cafe Agora. It's sort of hidden just around the corner from Empire State South. This outpost doesn't have much of a vibe but they have some delicious gyros. Granted ... not american but still.

            While you're at the braves game - you can snag an H+F burger -> it's not quite as good as it is at the restaurant but for a stadium burger its ridunkulous.

            If youre willing to open yourselves up to a larger net (we have uber here and there are some 'hoods not far away), let me know - that will drastically alter my recs.

            1. re: foodiebuddha

              Great, thanks! I will try and report back. Don't want to spend 50 bucks a head because add in some drinks...and well your there. Thanks for your advice. Looking forward to it.

              1. re: foodiebuddha

                Yes, City House and Husk in Nashville are places that we like. I know Stonehurst Place has a wonderful breakfast from past experience, so that will be covered.

                1. re: hheath9h

                  yeah if that's the case then yes - ess will be a comfortable experience for you and fit nicely within your budget. The lawrence is another good option for the area. If everyone at the table gets an entree and you split some apps like the aforementioned jars, y'all should also be able to snag a cocktail (or split a bottle of wine) and hit the $50 price point - with tax and tip it will probably go a bit more. Props to you for City House!

          2. Ecco and Empire State South.

            1. Anoither thought - I know you want to stay in the Midtown area but you could hop on Marta and go to Decaur - their central square is great for walking and there will be a number of places that might be good for your group - Kimball House oyster bar, Brickhouse Pub for beers and decent light food, Leon's Full Service, Twains bewpub, Cakes and Ale.