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May 23, 2014 07:31 PM

Writing a post on Chowhound...and then deleting it before posting.

I have been posting on Chowhound for a little over four years, which makes me a 'newbie' to some CH's I know.

Every once in a while, I find myself responding to a thread, or a particular post on a thread, and then I don't actually post it.

Does anyone else find themselves doing this?

The posts that I write and then not post, are not usually posts that I reconsider because I have second thoughts about them being flagged. They are usually posts that I have second thoughts about because I think I might be revealing information that is too personal (and I've revealed a lot of personal information in an anonymous way on CH.) i have also deleted posts before posting because I realize what I have written is too far off-topic, and I go off-topic too much as it is. Finally, I delete posts before posting becaue sometimes after writing them I think to myself, does anybody really care about what I have just written? My posts can be silly and or irreverent at times I know.

As a matter of fact, I almost deleted this post just now.....

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  1. I assume you're asking us for examples of our own :) Of which, for me, there are plenty.

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    1. re: c oliver

      Not examples, necessarily.

      I ust wrote a reply to a dredged up, 7 year old thread, about eating raw chicken and pork. After writing my smart-assed response I realized that it would not add much to the thread and then I had to explain why I was responding to a recent post on the thread (to someone I know) instead of the OP (whom I did not recognize).

      By the time I was done writing I realized how rediculous it was and just closed the window without posting.

      I think I do this at least once a week.

      1. re: John E.

        Because I've been "disciplined" more than once, I am learning to be more circumspect. But, more importantly, I DO write things that before I hit "reply," I realize that I'm adding nothing to the convo. Or that I'm baiting someone. Which will garner me another 'slap.'

        But really, I'm oh so slowly learning to not post (sometime?) unless I can add something. And I really, really try to be less critical. Mea culpa everybody.

        1. re: John E.

          Isn't this a universally good idea in life? Think before you speak...type.

          1. re: John E.

            Do it all the time for various reasons. Sometimes I just find what I have written to be clumsy and would prefer not to fuel the ire of the writing police.

        2. I've done all of that - and more!

          I write probably around three times as many posts than I deem worthy to hit "Reply."

          My reasoning is much like yours (on this topic anyway), except I will add this: When replying to a topic, I usually look at what I've written and decide I don't really care about the subject. Why I can't decide that *before* I write is a mystery.

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          1. re: MplsM ary

            "Why I can't decide that *before* I write is a mystery."
            Because unlike IRL, where we just blurt out our words and you can't drag them back in and leave them unsaid, the time it takes to actually type them out from a keyboard allows the brain to adjust and say to yourself "REALLY? Do you REALLY want to say that?"

            Just my 25 cents. (Inflation) :-)

            ETA: And sometimes I respond "YES, I want to say that!" And I later get my hand slapped by the Mods and a Mom finger waved in front of my nose saying "don't do that again!" ;-)

          2. John, I do it too. More often, I am condensing my post before I hit the reply button. I tend to tell a bit too much, and edit out what really doesn't pertain, or is, as you suggested, too personal.

            Now and then, I'll just give up and hit the 'back' button before posting it at all. As others have said, rethinking the value of the entire post.

            Too bad we can't do this when we are having a real actual conversation. Sometimes a 'delete' button on our mouths would serve!

            1. All the time.

              Usually, it's because I realize that I'm sharing a personal experience that other posters WIll Say Is Wrong -- wrong in an "impossible" or "incorrect" way ["you may have thought this happened but..." responses]..
              And since I've lived it... well, I decide to forgo the drama of other folks telling me I'm wring!

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              1. I do the same, for exactly the reasons you laid out. Probably once or twice a week. Usually it's because I realize that other than hitting the "recommend" button, I have nothing helpful to add.