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May 23, 2014 07:22 PM

Best Cakes in Central NJ

Hi, I am looking to get an awesome cake for my sister's baby shower. Taste and location are tied in importance. Ideally, I would like the bakery to be located between myself (aberdeen) and the party location (frenchtown).

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  1. The Macaroon Shop in Avon has fantastic cakes. Lots of different flavors and fillings and they're really light. I'm not really a cake eater but cld quite possibly eat a whole one myself. J/k...sort of.

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      Thanks @doggiedoc for the recommendation. This is a little bit further than I would like but will keep them in mind for sure!

      I am looking for a good recommendation in Red Bank, Somerville, Bridgewater, Clinton, Flemington or other towns around there.


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        Have you looked into Christie's in Clinton?

        My sister used them and the cake was delicious and artistic.

    2. Maddalena's Cheesecakes makes absolutely unbelievable cheesecakes (and non-cheesecake cakes), including special occasion cakes (e.g. wedding cheesecakes, etc.) Their bakery is in Ringoes, just south of Flemington, but their products are available in a number of specialty food markets such as the Stockton Market and some supermarkets in Hunterdon County. Their website lists the places you can get their products, but I assume for the freshest item - - or something custom made - - you want to go to their bakery. (Warning - the bakery in Ringoes does not look like much from the outside. . . on-site sales are not their primary business, but you're going there for the cakes, not the d├ęcor). The business is run by a delightful woman, Janet Maddalena, and her two sons. (They make a great apple pie too and have gluten free cheesecakes.)

      1. My choice would be The Dessert Plate in Somerville, right across from the court house. Their pastries and cakes remind me of what I have had in Europe. I'm not a fan of Christie's in Clinton because I find their products to be too sweet. If that's your preference, however, it would be a good choice.

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          Thanks! My cousin and aunt both recommended The Dessert Plate! Glad to hear another good review.

        2. Bovellas in Westfield, ordered a napolean cake there with a thin icing on top. Delicious.