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Oct 7, 2004 11:41 PM

best croissant in Mtl?

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i've tried Le Gascogne, Au Pain Dore and Premier Moison
is there anything better in this town?

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  1. Au Pain Doré and Premier Moisson are bread bakeries, not pâtisseries, and most of their pastries are second rate.

    Conventional wisdom is that Duc de Lorraine makes the best croissants in town. Some people like Pâtisserie Belge's; unless the recipe's been changed in the last few years, they're not pure butter.

    Good bets, though I've tried none of them: Olive et Gourmando ( in Old Montreal and MBCo ( and Vasco de Gamma (1472 Peel, 514 286-2688) downtown, both of which claim their croissants are made from Charentes butter. As importing butter from France is illegal, there is speculation that the unbaked croissants are imported frozen and baked locally.

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      Au Bon Croissant On St Mathieu street on the corner of lincoln, north of DeMaisonneuve makes a decent croissant inmho

      1. re: Chil

        Au Bon Croissant seems to have closed (or is under renovations)

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          The best I've found are at Le Paltoquet in Outremont. French guests declare them better than in France.

          1464 Van Horne
          Outremont, QC H2V 1L2
          Phone: (514) 271-4229

          You can buy frozen croissants at Pain Doré and bake them without letting them rise overnight. That way they don't get yeasty. Those are almost as good as the artisanal croissants that were available on Duluth near St-Laurent, but unfortunately that shop is closed now.

            1. re: Antoine Doinel

              thank you i'm off to compare the goods.
              and a note to the guy looking for great bread; you mentioned Samos
              Bakery for doughnuts, but they have the best Greek rolls (in the front window) and an airy whole wheat bread. Their corn bread is a bit more substantial and yeasty, but also delicious. If you go in the morning around 10 you can buy the loaves hot from the oven.

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              Thanks for the tip about baking Pain Dore's frozen croissants without letting them rise - I tried it this morning, and it worked just fine - although the baking time is quite a bit longer than if you've had them rising overnight (closer to 25 or 30 minutes, instead of 12). I'm not sure which version I prefer more...


        2. re: bftp

          We took 3 subway trains to get there today. VERY disappointing. Close to bad! Tasteless and dry.

          Vasco de gamma was definitely better.

          HOWEVER, the french pastry shop in Sherbrook metro station has DELICIOUS pastry desserts. YUM!!!

        3. Le Fromentier on Laurier (at Garnier) is a good bet; interesting breads and a good croissant and other pastries. They share the space with a fromagerie and sausage maker also.

          1. There is a newly reopened Bretonne patisserie on Mont-Royal Ave. just west of St. Denis called Le Kouign Amann. All their pastries, croissants and "brioches" are amazing. I believe the owners are French.

            This place is worth a visit.

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              I know this thread is a little old, but I figured I'd revive it a bit... :)

              There's a French bakery called Banette on Sherbrooke at Melrose (in NDG) that has good croissants. Their palmiers are awesomely buttery too.

              1. re: serpah

                We had a pretty recent topic titled 'Best chocolatine in Montreal?' that covered the best croissants in the city. You can do a search, & easily find it.

            2. The best croissant I've had lately was at Saveurs du Plateau on Laurier East. They also have an AMAZING croissant with cream cheese and fresh berries on it.

              The croissants are also good at autour d'un pain.

              1. Fromentier on Laurier East is excellent & not just for their light as air croissants. Their breads are simply amazing & then there's the sausauges counter & the cheese counter. Oh you just can't go wrong at Fromentier.