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May 23, 2014 03:25 PM

Storing lots of coffee beans?

I know this thread has probably been up before, but I just received 10 1 pound bags of delicious coffee beans. Do I freeze these? Keep in dark cupboard? What to do to keep them as fresh tasting as I can? Help me ChowHounds! Thanks.

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  1. If they're roasted, keep them in the freezer to keep the oils in them from becoming rancid.

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    1. I've had friends who use this method (I never have) and they do it with some success.
      They divide them up in weekly portions, wrap them in plastic wrap and then put that in a freezer bag. Make sure you don't get one drop of moisture near the beans…it will destroy the integrity.
      Beans can last up to approx. 2 weeks without freezing.

      1. Freeze 9 lbs of the 10.
        Assuming you will go through one lb in the next week or two, keep those beans in an airtight container and grind each morning.

        If its very good coffee i wouldn't risk the potential for degredation from storing in the cupboard.

        1. I think putting them in the freezer was actually found to dry out the beans and is not optimal. I would put them in large canning jar in a dark cupboard. And a smaller one which you dip can dip into frequently.

          1. How is each bag packaged? is there a valve seal or is it just in folded over bags?

            it's not ideal to store an opened bag coffee in the freezer, because the biggest culprits in degrading the quality are air, light, heat and moisture. If the bags are sealed well, though, you can keep them there. For whatever opened bag you are using, storing them in an airtight container is the way to go.