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May 23, 2014 02:12 PM

Should I cancel a July Ledoyen reservation?

Dear Chowhounders,

This is my first time posting, but I relied extensively on your collective advice before my first trip to Paris last summer.

When we visited last summer, my husband and I (New Yorkers) were fortunate enough to have wonderful visits to Pierre Gagnaire, l’Ambrosie, and Pre Catalan for “fancy” dinners. We also visited plenty of places with terrific food/service that offer less “fanfare” during our two week trip. For example, we loved Le Coq Rico and can’t wait for their panned NYC branch to open. We had a such a wonderful time that we’ve decided to come back to Paris again this summer. We’ve just started to work on reservations for our July trip.

I asked our hotel to help me with reservations at L’Arpege and Ledoyen because I’d read such great things about both places. They quickly secured us reservations. However, I learned yesterday that Ledoyen will be changing its kitchen team (and I assume the menu) this August.

This makes me think that the restaurant is in transition and that we should probably cancel and choose a different place for a “fancy” dinner. We would hate to waste one of our precious Paris dinners (and spend so much money) on a restaurant where the menu is unsettled.

Do you all think I should cancel our reservation? If so, where should be try to secure a reservation?

Thanks in advance for your insight!

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  1. Apparently not going to happen. Souphie might chime in, but I believe he went recently and asked about the rumour, which the restaurant denied.

    And that would be a relief as Le Squer might be the best chef in fine dining restaurants in Paris right now.

    I'd rather they part with the one snobby waiter who always ruins all the rest of the team's efforts... (don't worry though, he's not that bad, and probably does not like me only because I come dressed as a bum)

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      I thought it was in Le Figaro that Yannick Alleno was taking over the kitchen in August? He has a stellar reputation so not certain why you would pass - at this level I doubt you could easily tell their was a transion underway. If you go early you get bragging rights.

    2. Yannick Alleno will do his first service tonight in Ledoyen.