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May 23, 2014 12:27 PM

a quest to find Doña Lucía mole poblano!

i am originally from mexico and love few things more than a good mole poblano. a few months ago (in the winter -- november or december), "Doña Lucía Mole Poblano Autentico" appeared at my local, beloved mexican grocery in new haven, ct, never to reappear. the shop owners tell me they can no longer get it. wondering if anyone else knows of this mole, has access to it, knows where i can get it? best mole poblano i've had this side of the border. really.

attaching a picture of the container. i think the mole must be from oaxaca or tepoztlan, but i'm not sure.

any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    does it have an address of the manufacturer or importer on it?