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May 23, 2014 11:46 AM

Rehearsal Dinner Ideas?

Planning ahead for a wedding in early 2015. We're both from South Florida originally but we live in LA, so planning isn't too easy.

The wedding will most likely be at a South Beach hotel around 20th St., so we're open to ideas nearby, but also open to ideas that we can easily take a bus to via 1-95.

Trying to come up with a list of fun, casual rehearsal dinner spots. We only come back once or twice a year so not too familiar with all of the newest spots. Any ideas would be great!

So far here's what we've come up with...

Pride & Joy (love the Wynwood area)
Soyka (probably as far north as we'd go)
Monty's Raw Bar

Pros or cons to these? Not sure exactly what the budget for rehearsal dinner is yet, but the cheaper the better. Probably somewhere between $50-80/person including drinks (or some kind of drink option - beer, sangria, etc.)


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  1. The answer is none of the above. Try Michaels Genuine, Restaurant Michael Schwartz, Mandolin or River Oyster Bar.

    You also might want to try your luck with the Dutch or Edge Steak House -- they might be able to accommodate you as well.

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    1. re: tpigeon

      Thanks tpigeon. It looks like our dinner is going to be quite large, probably close to 100 people.

      Called Mandolin - they can do 40 seated inside, or we could rent the place for 50K. Definitely not in our price range.

      We love River Oyster Bar but it's probably too small of a place for our group. Will try Dutch and Michael's.

      Open to other ideas too. Anyone been to Moreno's or Havana 1957?

      1. re: cincodemayo1

        Ok Try Edge or the Dutch and maybe Restaurant Michael Schwartz. I think they will accommodate that large a party.

        PB Steak and Barceloneta might do it too (not sure if Barceloneta has enough seats though and some would have to be outside...

        Sardinia is another option.

        Edit: One more to try Toscana Divino - I have never been but it has a great reputation and may be able to accommodate you.

        Keep in mind that while the Dutch and Edge are normally too expensive for a large group with a small selection of dishes, they might come in your range...

            1. re: The Chowfather

              Thanks tpigeon and Chowfather. Will check those out.

        1. Pride & Joy is just OK......should be better with Myron Mixon's name on it....but not what it should be....They do have a nice back porch area that can handle a nice sized group.....Perricones is decent....we did a large party there last year and they handled it very well.....Monty's is also a decent destination....on the water....large....All fall in your price range....

          Ft. Pierce, FL

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          1. re: LargeLife

            Thanks for the info. Waiting to hear back from a few of these.