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May 23, 2014 11:29 AM

Hamilton near Courtyard by Marriott

Spending a couple of nights at this hotel next week and wondering what is available close by (walking preferably) for meals (breakfast or dinner)?

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  1. Is that the one on upper james? If's a bit of a wasteland up there, I'm sad to say. There used to be a hooter's across the street but I think it has closed.
    There is sushi up upper james with the starbucks at Upper James and Rymal which is supposed to be decent for AYCE.
    Mostly standard chains up that way, regretably.

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    1. Hamilton is a food waste land. They are just starting to get decent burgers.

      Good Pub with decent food : The Ship
      Decent restaurant but with multi star prices : Rapscallion
      Wings : Anchor bar

      Unfortunately all are driving distance.

      If you are interested in European food products, one of the Denningers is near by.

      1. As noted by others, there is nothing within walking distance. But if you have a car, I would recommend:

        - Rapscallion (fun, meat-centric menu)
        - Two Black Sheep (oyster bar, sister restaurant to above)
        - The Burnt Tongue (great soups)
        - Culantro (Peruvian)