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Best burger in Charm City?

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Based on two recommendations, I recently enjoyed the best Baltimore hamburger since Louie's Bookstore Cafe died. I know that there are places with foie gras on them, rare duck eggs or New Mexico serrano's, but this was just a plain burger with lettuce, tomato amd mayo, at the slightly seedy Fraziers on 36th Street.

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  1. I've spent a lot of hard earned dollars on burgers through the years and believe the $12+ "normal" burger is my biggest menu trend pet peeve. It better be flippin good and well cooked, which is rarely the case. Drives me nuts.

    That being said, I had a perfectly delicious burger at Smalltimore not too long ago.

    1. Sip N Bite Patty Melt. Don't judge me!

      1. I just had a burger at Wit and Wisdom. It was superb, but it also cost $19--but you have a wonderful view if outside

        1. I'm a fan of Alonso's-- great classic burger and freshly cut fries.

          1. Kooper's Tavern in Fells Point! I'm honestly not sure what their regular prices are, because I always go for Burger Night on Tuesday (burgers start at $5, specialty burgers usually clock in around $7-$8). Their "specialty" burgers are no frills (read: no duck egg), but really delicious. Great grill flavor - not a greasy flavorless patty.

            Alonso's is also good and their fries are better than Kooper's.

            1. Fat Ass burger, w/ bacon, from Bruce Lee's Wing's inside Cross St. Market. No nonsense burger, and it's $5-6.

              And 32oz beer down the way? Yes.

              1. These days I've become unwilling to eat any burger cooked past medium rare--the flavor of ground beef just goes away beyond that point. (Technically I prefer something between rare and medium rare, but prefer to err on the less done side.) So which of these places will server burgers that way?

                1. Just had the burger at B&O (lunch menu) and thought it was great. Super juicy, topped with bacon jam and blue cheese.

                  Was underwhelmed by Wit and Wisdom burger, finding it dry and overwhelmed by Thousand Island/special sauce and not particularly flavorful.

                  Decent burger at Nickel Tavern. Like the "Nickel" (5 oz) topped with fried egg. Sweet brioche bun falls apart but solid. Points for awesome local brews on tap to go with it.