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May 23, 2014 10:02 AM

Best burger in Charm City?

Based on two recommendations, I recently enjoyed the best Baltimore hamburger since Louie's Bookstore Cafe died. I know that there are places with foie gras on them, rare duck eggs or New Mexico serrano's, but this was just a plain burger with lettuce, tomato amd mayo, at the slightly seedy Fraziers on 36th Street.

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  1. I've spent a lot of hard earned dollars on burgers through the years and believe the $12+ "normal" burger is my biggest menu trend pet peeve. It better be flippin good and well cooked, which is rarely the case. Drives me nuts.

    That being said, I had a perfectly delicious burger at Smalltimore not too long ago.

    1. Sip N Bite Patty Melt. Don't judge me!

      1. I just had a burger at Wit and Wisdom. It was superb, but it also cost $19--but you have a wonderful view if outside

        1. I'm a fan of Alonso's-- great classic burger and freshly cut fries.

          1. Kooper's Tavern in Fells Point! I'm honestly not sure what their regular prices are, because I always go for Burger Night on Tuesday (burgers start at $5, specialty burgers usually clock in around $7-$8). Their "specialty" burgers are no frills (read: no duck egg), but really delicious. Great grill flavor - not a greasy flavorless patty.

            Alonso's is also good and their fries are better than Kooper's.