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May 23, 2014 09:40 AM

Best of the UWS, 2014 Edition

Trying to compile a nice list of places to eat in the UWS. There are various threads from various years stating best burger, best Italian, so I'm trying to gather a current (please try to list something you'd recommend from the past year or so) list.

Anywhere from 57th to the 100s
Any cuisine
Any price point - can be Michelin or hole in wall
Can include Seamless options
UWS outposts of restaurants - if possible to note, how does compare with original location?

* Epicerie Boulud, Boulud Sud
* Picholine
* Dovetail
* Is Kefi still good after the reopening?
* Haven't been but read lots: Jacob's Pickles
* Sugar & Plumm, Redfarm, Parm outposts?

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    1. re: c oliver

      Thanks for this. The thread you mentioned is from 2007, so I'll pluck the most recent mentions from it:

      * Jin Ramen
      * Yasaka

        1. re: DistendedBelly

          Yasaka's omakase is very (very!) good for the price. In fact, I think nearly all their sushi and sashimi are excellent values. Their sushi rice is unusually good.

          1. re: DistendedBelly

            I would go to Jin for ramen and Yasaka for both sushi/sashimi and tempura.

        2. Picholine
          Jean Georges
          Per Se

          1. Lincoln
            RedFarm (better than original)
            Salumeria Rosi
            Momofuku Milk Bar (same as original)
            Legend 72 (better than original IMO)
            Saravaanas (same as original)
            Luke's Lobster

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            1. re: H Manning

              +1 For Salumeria Rosi especially, but also Red Farm and Legend.

              1. re: H Manning

                I feel very strongly that the UWS Saravanaas does not hold a candle to the Curry Hill branch. They might have the best dosa on the UWS but there isn't much competition.

                1. re: H Manning

                  I have been to Legend 72 a few times.
                  I keep going back to Legend 7th Ave because it is much better than Legend 72.

                2. Had one meal at Kefi and enjoyed it very much, and excellent value...... Kinda noisy though. I'm gettin' old I guess :-(

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                  1. re: gavspen

                    The noisiness has been pretty constant ever since they moved from their previous smaller location, I think.

                    1. re: mahler5

                      Yes, definitely +1 for Betony. Three New York Times stars, and very well deserved in my opinion. Not only is their food amazing, but the staff are sweet as pie (especially the sommelier). Technically on the UWS, but they're on 57th and close enough.