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May 22, 2014 08:35 PM

Check Please aired 5/22/14: Capo's, SF; La Mar, SF; Bistro Liaison, Berkeley

Bay Area Check Please aired Th 5/22/14 these 3 restaurants. Any new reports on Capo's, SF; La Mar, SF; Bistro Liaison, Berkeley?

Website w/ reviews & videos:

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  1. Been to Capo's a few months ago and it was very good. Four people - had the minestrone, meatballs, clams casino, and spicy calabrese to share. We split the Old Chicago deep dish and the quattro fornil; both excellent. Wife had the baked conchiglie with crab which was very good also. Way too much food, had to nap all afternoon. Would go back and try the linguine and other baked pastas. Not sure about the other two on the list but Capo's is great. I'm pretty sure it's the same owners as Tony's further up the street (they do a pretty solid Detroit red top too, which covers all pizza territory on one block!)

    1. Liaison is reliably decent at classic bistro dishes. The prix-fixe menu is a very good deal.