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May 22, 2014 07:56 PM

Fine dining with clients

Arriving in Vegas next weekend with clients for the JCK convention. Looking to make reservations for fine dining, good service and good ambiance. This client is tough I would like to impress. Look forward to your help.

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  1. Charlie Palmer Steak at the Four Seasons.

    1. I'd imagine a difficult client would not want to travel too far. Also, any particular type of food? You could go from quiet luxury (Robuchon) to out of the way Strip Mall for mind blowing Thai (Lotus of Siam). And many in between.

      1. While not a 5-star hotel, the Monte Carlo has Andre's, which is excellent...and, if your client is so inclined, has the best cigar/cognac lounge in Las Vegas....excellent for after dinner conversation.