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May 22, 2014 06:27 PM

What's for Dinner #301 - The Memorial Day Edition! [through May 27, 2014]

The Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and here in the NE, so is rain. The only promise for sun is for actual Memorial Day on Monday. So get those grills out, fire up those smokers, the season for cook-outs is upon us!

What do you have planned for this holiday weekend?

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  1. It's a holiday?!? Shoot!

    I actually bought a rack of ribs for this weekend. I acquired an electric smoker this Christmas, and haven't tried it out on ribs here we go!

    For the sides, I am going to make a pasta salad that includes some of the homemade feta I just canned... hearts of palm, tomatoes, and olives.

    I will also be broiling up some asparagus with olive oil and garlic and sautéing some brussels sprouts.

    I'm not big on dessert, so I will leave that in the relatives hands....

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    1. Gearing up to host BIL's graduation cookout, which will be burgers, brats with austrian style potato salad, quinoa chick pea salad, with munchies, and a chocolate strawberry trifle and olive oil cake for desert.

      Tomorrow will be take out as I will be prepping like crazy.

      Otherwise, hoping to smoke some ribs at some point as well

      1. Only plans ahead are at a friend's place Saturday afternoon. He's grilling for the gang, I'm bringing 3 lbs. of my Potato Salad, and perhaps Mother Nature will be kind and only drizzle on us a little. :)

        It would be nice to hang out on the deck to start the season right.

        1. We're going to do the chicken w/ nectarine sauce (found on Chow's website} on the grill along with grilled corn, mushrooms and potatoes.

          SO needs to eat bananas for leg cramps - I guess it's a potassium thing - and seriously dislikes bananas. We'll grill them in their skin w/ some chocolate chips - I promised ice cream as a pseudo banana split.

          Tonite is tater tots and fish sticks cuz' I'm cleaning out the freezer.

          Weather is beyond awesome - AC's still not on.

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          1. re: JerryMe

            Just FYI, there's more potassium in a potato than a banana. Maybe baked 'taters would be more enjoyable for him.

            1. re: JerryMe

              I've read that portobella mushrooms are also a good source of potassium thing. But also that the tie between potassium and leg cramps is not clear--it could be dehydration or other factors. I get them and hate them, so sympathies. I can't have bananas but get plenty of potassium in other ways!

              1. re: SarahCW

                Mushrooms are a great source. I have to watch my potassium intake because it helps with occasional water retention. I load up on mushrooms, avocados, tomatoes.

              2. re: JerryMe

                Kiwi and dried apricots are also much much higher in potassium than a banana

                -another banana hater-

              3. No *real* grilling for me. :-( But I'm planning on making my Dad's satay with chicken and vegetables some time this weekend. It'll have to be done on the grill pan. THIS is when I really really really miss having a grill. I might just have to break down and buy an electric one. Even if I use it 3-4x a year, it'll still be worth slugging the stuff downstairs and out through the garage to grill on my driveway.

                I also am hoping to meet up with friends on Sunday afternoon in Boston. We'll see how that goes, what with uncertain weather.

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                1. re: LindaWhit

                  Check out craigslist- seriously. My favorite used appliance shopping


                  1. re: Berheenia

                    Interesting. Found exactly what I would buy @ Home Depot for only $75. Like new condition. I'm wondering why they're selling it....

                    1. re: LindaWhit

                      As far as selling appliances goes, people don't use them anymore, are moving, somebody gave them/they bought a new one or they never wanted it in the first place- Mom sent it and now they are moving. It is the big move time of year at most colleges. Boston is probably wall to wall U Hauls this weekend- that I don't miss!

                      1. re: Berheenia

                        They've been going on for several weeks, Berheenia. BostonZest, a CH poster, put something up last November. :-) 5/17 through 5/19 seem to be the major dates, and Harvard is next Thursday. But yeah, I'm sure there's a lot of things that'll be left behind.

                  2. re: LindaWhit

                    LindaWhit, I use one of these tabletop gas grills when only cooking for one or two in the summer or in the cold season.


                    Mine too is a ChraBroil about two decades old. Efficient as ^%$#.

                    Just need to buy a small Propane camping gas cylinder ( my Walmart carries them for $2.99 ea.) and a long lighter,


                    Move up to the Grillmark if you wnat to spend a little more.

                    Cylinder screws right into the grill side integrated regulator. No hoses or adaptors.
                    Remove when done cooking and store.
                    I keep it in the basement when not in use.

                    3 minutes to set up and I;ve cooked so many meals on it I;ve lost track including using it as a stove for my goetta camping riff on McMuffins at a campsite.

                    Cheap, well built and portable.
                    I'd buy a second one in a heartbeat.

                    I'll prolly do a hanger steak on it thiss weekend and did hambures and brats on it just for lunch today since I was off.
                    Best of all worlds. It's a baby gass grill with a real burner and lava rock and none of the charcoal mess.

                    I'll take a pic of mine in use.

                    1. re: jjjrfoodie

                      jjjrfoodie, we're not allowed ANY propane gas or charcoal grills in my condo complex. Charcoal was just banned last summer.

                      Electric only, I'm afraid (which is totally useless if the power goes out!)