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Oct 1, 2004 11:09 PM

Financial district restaurant rec

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Greetings from San Francisco:
I will be staying for five evenings at the Intercontinental Hotel next week and would appreciate any suggestions for dinner within walking distance (one mile) of the hotel. Thanks in advance. Cheers.


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  1. For fine dining: Toqué would be the close and likely your best bet. Cube is also relatively close, but it's gotten mixed reviews (for the price). Old Montreal is just south of your hotel, so L'Epicier would also be a good choice. Old Montreal is shock-full of other restaurants. If you don't mind walking north through a semi-grungy neighborhood, you could also walk up to Area, on Amherst (might be a bit more than a mile).
    All these are french, or "french-eclectic". There's also Le Piemontais, an italian that's not too far away, but I find the prices much too high for the overall banal quality of the food (but I'm admittedly rarely wowed by italian restaurants).

    You'll also be right next to Chinatown (quite smaller than SF's), so that's another option.

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      I HAVE to make clear to any visiting tourist that "semi-grungy neighborhood" in Montreal does NOT mean unsafe. Just a little eclectic...