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May 22, 2014 05:03 PM

What to eat in Dallas?


I'm going to be visiting Dallas for a weekend in June and would like recommendations on where and what to eat. I'm looking for any type of food that is good!!! (desserts too)

I pretty much eat anything and will try anything new. My favorites are Chinese and Peruvian but I don't have to eat those everyday. Budget is up to $20s per entree but I could splurge.

I can't wait to hear your recommendations!


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  1. What part of the city will you be staying? Will you have a rental car?

    I would skip Peruvian here as it is not really great. We do have some restaurants that will have Peruvian inspired dishes.

    Chinese is probably best in Richardson or Plano which is due north of Dallas.

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      We are staying the Omni hotel downtown and yes we will have a car.
      Most restaurants I've seen mentioned on the boards seem expensive. Are there any places with affordable prices and good food?

      1. re: 1800Hungry

        Our favorite Chinese (Cantonese) in Dallas is in Richardson. First Chinese BBQ. Warning - CASH ONLY! See the links-

        Also in Richardson, excellent and reasonably priced Lebanese at Afrah.
        Huge buffet for $10.00.

        There are a multitude of Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants in Dallas. Near your hotel downtown try Meso Maya for upscale Mexican and Tex-Mex cooking. Excellent food!

        Also, very good Tex-Mex at Pepe & Mito's Mexican Cafe in Deep Ellum.

        The very best Neapolitan pizza this side of Naples, Italy is at Cane Rosso. Not terribly far from your hotel in the Deep Ellum area just East of downtown.

        Also in Deep Ellum is (arguably) the best Texas BBQ this side of Austin at Pecan Lodge. They just moved into new and larger digs on Main Street in Deep Ellum

        My personal favorite BBQ in Dallas is The Slow Bone on Irving Blvd.

          1. re: twinwillow

            Thanks for all the recommendations! I'm looking forward to try them.

      2. Herrera's Cafe on Maple Ave west of Oak Lawn for some of the best Tex Mex to be had in the city.

        Pecan Lodge or Lockhart Smokehouse for top-notch BBQ.

        Beck's Prime and Twisted Root for killer burgers.

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        1. re: GroovinGourmet

          Just wanted to add to the above good suggestions, Chop House Burger on Main Street downtown Dallas.

        2. If you are really craving Peruvian, a friend of mine born in Peru has recommended Tineo Peruvian Restaurant to me. I haven't had the chance to try it yet, so I can't comment on the food:

          My favorite Chinese spot is Royal Sichuan:


          1. I would say Si Lom (thai fusion on Oak Lawn Ave.) and order Pad See Ew, Tom Kha, shrimp blanket and corn pattie and wash it down with a Cucumber martini that is amazing.
            You will thank me later : )

            Or if new american sounds good check out Meddlesome moth (beautiful patio) and order chicken skin chips (sauce on side), fried sweetbreads (extra sorghum/cider sauce), tenderloin tartare (sub. for shaved pumpernickel bread), crispy duck wings or maybe fried tofu for something lighter (it's a sweet and sour stir fry tofu dish that will make you love tofu even if you don't now)
            They also have some pretty damn good cocktails.

            If you try these dishes you will have an incredible dining experience and if not I will pay for your next meal. lol

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              1. re: 1800Hungry

                A huge second for Si Lom. I love their Thai (Asian fusion) cooking. Especially their corn patties and Tom Kha (coconut) soup.
                Reasonably priced, too!

                1. re: twinwillow

                  check out their happy hour monday thru friday 4 to 7 i think... it's damn near half priced appetizers. First time I went it spoiled me because now I don't want to pay full price ever again even though it's worth it.
                  Did you ever personally try the pad see ew? I am anebriated with this dish, noodles like pieces of silk in your mouth. And the shrimp blanket fried so well you can eat the tail. This place does not get nearly enough business as it deserves. Ask for Kwal on saturday he speaks english perfectly unlike most of the other servers and he's very cool. It seems to NEVER be busy.. I always have my pick of the seats and usually i sit on the patio even though the view is limited.

              2. re: neiladammcginnis

                I went to the Meddlesome Moth and loved their chicken skin chips!!! Excellent recommendation.
                We also tried the bacon lollipops and Catalan mussels. They were also good but the chicken skin chips were the favorite.

                1. re: 1800Hungry

                  Sweet, glad you checked it out.
                  Yea bacon lollipops are tasty and decadent. Mussels i thought were just ok but i have not tried the Catalan i don't think. Take my word that the sweetbreads are amazing even if you wouldn't normally eat something like that it will make you a fan. Be careful at Meddlesome Moth because some dishes are amazing and others can be horrible so try to stick to recommendations. lol. Just trying to help, they are very hit or miss but if you stick to the hit dishes you will love them and the atmosphere, especially on the patio, is incredible. Also give their cocktails a try (unless you drink beer in which there is plenty)

                  Next you must now try Si Lom and it will also become a favorite of yours. Stick to the recommendations here too because their "orange chicken" and other americanized dishes are not liked by most people yet everyone mistakenly orders these dishes. The only flaw here is the patio atmosphere is subdued, devoid of people and recessed below ground level so there is nothing to look at unlike at MM where you can see all the cars driving and people walking by. Si Lom is a little bit cheaper though because they serve large portions. Tell them "2.5" on everything in regards to the spice level of the dishes and they will ask. This is mild but flavorful. If you order a spice level 5 you will be unable to eat the food most likely.

                  1. re: neiladammcginnis

                    I know you recommended the sweetbreads but I don't really like them the times I've tried them. Maybe next time.
                    The flavor of the mussels was good but their texture was a little sandy for me.
                    I tried a pineapple cider and liked it. The patio was nice!

                    1. re: 1800Hungry

                      I thought their mussels were a little fishy the time I had them but i thought maybe the sauce was not good enough to mask it. I recommend giving these sweetbreads a shot. I do agree i have had sweetbreads at several places where I did not like them and thought it tasted very weird but this is a whole different story. I would not try to lead you to any food that does not taste great. These are all part of my favorite dishes in dallas.
                      Do you not like tartare? I guess I can see why one would avoid this product but getting it with the shaved pumpernickel is so light and tasty, not heavy and wont make you tired. Good to fight against the slight heaviness of the fried sweetbread. (not as heavy as it sounds though) These are dishes that ANYONE would love if they give them a chance

                      1. re: 1800Hungry

                        Nickel & Rye has "Quail Wings" which are actually frenched quail legs. Combine that with a Triple cream brie, serrano, fig, prosciutto panini and some of the best cocktails in Texas with a wonderful atmosphere including patio. I have recently gotten tired of the panini (too much bread) but their quail wings i could eat every day of my life nearly. Ask for less sauce than the usual.

                        Victor Tangos has a duck balsamic fig flatbread that is essentially perfected and cocktails that are some of the best around. This flatbread converted me into a flatbread lover, before i thought it was a dumb idea. Combine that with their gingerbread mascarpone dessert which is ridiculous. No patio here but I have seen several dallas cowboys eat here (i dont care about football, someone else pointed it out to me that it was Tony Romo)

                2. We (wife & I) try never to go to Dallas without hitting Tupinamba on Inwood Rd. near the Galleria. This is Tex-Mex to the max with primo cheese enchiladas and deep fried crispy tacos. Texas peasant food and the best anywhere.