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May 22, 2014 03:29 PM

After wedding party reception at our house - can you suggest local caterer

I originally had a version of this posted on this board and it was transferred by the Chow People to General Discussion. There I received a recommendation from someone regarding a caterer but in the Boston area based on the area code. We are located in the Western Suburbs in Paoli and to shorten the prior message, we are going to have a party in our home that will be after our daughter's afternoon wedding reception. While the actual reception will be attended by about 60 people, we are inviting only our friends and family members since a number of them are from out of town. The wedding reception will be starting about 1 pm and running until 4 pm and will include wines, cocktails, passed and stationary hor dourves and a few stations featuring sliders, pasta, salad, and wedding cake will be served. It is not a sit down luncheon and I imagine that by 7 pm the people coming to our house may be hungry again. I was envisioning having a prime rib or filet roast, possibly some chicken and seafood, and salad but definitely not a full scale dinner. Are you aware of any caterers in the area who do limited type catering at people's homes and could possibly pull something like this off for under $40 person? That would mainly be for the cooking and carving of the beef (I would want that done here so it doesn't taste reheated) We would supply the alcohol and some other food. Have you ever been to something like this and if you liked it, can you recommend anyone local. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I was in a similar position recently, except that I was paying for both events, and the second gathering was around 40 people. Our earlier event was a catered lunch, and I didn't use a caterer (didn't look too hard because I didn't want to pay). I ended up getting a couple of deli trays from Ben & Irv's in Huntington Valley--sandwich meats, tuna & chicken salad, etc. Got small challah rolls instead of sandwich bread. I also had prepared myself a number of dips and crudite. People loved it. Maybe something like that would work for you.

    1. i'd check with Feast Your Eyes. If they can't do it, they can probably recommend someone who can.

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        they did my friend's wedding - they were exquisite

      2. I don't know if they have any affiliation with one another, but when my sister got married, there was a REALLY Long time in between the wedding (in the morning) and the reception (at dinner)
        My father used Colonial Village Meat Market for about 20 or so people, they did a lovely grilled chicken with roasted potatoes, green veg (which I do not remember) and side salad
        I believe that there is one in West Chester

        1. Wwhy not contact Hilary or Erica at Tradestone Café in Conshohocken and ask about what they could do for you (or not). Maybe if they can't, they can recommend someone who can.
          Tradestone is owned by the owner of Mica and Blackfish and the chef there really makes good food. The menu is limited to soups, sandwiches, salads etc. but I have a feeling when speaking with them that they might like very much to do a catering job.
          Worth a try as the girls are lovely that work there.