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May 22, 2014 02:52 PM

Fresh shrimp packed to bring on a plane

Visiting Houston for a few days and I'd like to bring some fresh Gulf shrimp home to the family in Colorado.

When I visit New Orleans, the last stop before getting on the plane is at Fisherman's Cove which can pack whatever you want in a leakproof container with some frozen gel-packs to keep it fresh.

Does anyone know of someplace in Houston - preferably in the IAH or Westchase vicinity - that does this? I know there are some fresh seafood places near Clearlake, but last time I was there they did not seem to offer this option.

THANKS! Any help appreciated!

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  1. I would look to one of the bigger HEB grocers up there. The shrimp may be previously frozen but seriously it's tough to tell the difference and I've been eating Gulf shrimp over fifty years. Louisiana foods is just outside I-610 in near West Houston. They're a wholesale place but also have a retail storefront open M-F 10 to 3.

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      Again, on the fresh/frozen thing, unless you're buying it right off where the boat docks, I'd go previously frozen and I don't trust anyone in the Clear Lake, Kemah, Seabrook to have off the boat fresh, though I'm sure there are exceptions and I've bought plenty of beautiful shrimp In Seabrook, fresh or previously frozen, who knows. For fresh I'd look to Hillman's in Dickinson or Sampson and Son in Galveston. I like Mai's in Seabrook.

      There's also Katies in Galveston, maybe one of these or Louisiana Food's can ship to you.

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        Thanks for the responses - I'll check them out. We are in Boulder for the summer and it's easy to pick up frozen shrimp at the likes of Costco or any of the supermarkets. And you're right about there not being much difference in fresh vs. frozen.

        Starting to sound like more of a hassle than it's worth. We only do it leaving NO, because it's convenient on the way to the airport and there is an excellent restaurant next door to get a po-boy for the plane.

        But I'll check them out!