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May 22, 2014 02:04 PM

La Mezzaluna ~ Princeton

Has anyone been here? I need a restaurant in the Princeton area for 6 of us for this Saturday night around 7. It's seems to be the only one with availability at this time. It's after my daughter's dance recital, so I really need it to be at 7. Any other ideas? We wanted Agricola, but not avail. Also tried Mediterra.


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  1. haven't been to LM in a long time, but looking at OpenTable, it's the best of what's available.

    Another option would be to call One 53 in Rocky Hill. They're showing your party of 6 is larger than allowed for OpenTable. But ask for a table in their wine cellar. It's a great location for a party of 6. You'll dine at one of 2 long tables that both seat 10. Could make for a nice get together.

    1. My nephew and his girlfriend go here all the time and they love it.

      1. DH has been a couple of times for business dinners and said it was very good upscale Italian.