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Sep 30, 2004 04:33 PM

Tunisian restaurant

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Does anyone know of a great Tunisian restaurant in Montreal (preferably not in the suburbs, but we will trek for really good food).


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  1. So far, the best Tunisian restaurant we've tried in Montreal is L'√Čtoile de Tunis (6701, avenue de Chateaubriand, near metro station Beaubien, if memory serves me right). I recommend the breik maison to start. It's filled with tuna, eggs, capers, and possibly onions, and it's fried to perfection, not greasy.

    For the main dish, we've only tried their couscous (chicken and merguez) and it's absolutely delicious. The semoule is very light and airy, and the broth very flavourful. I find that Tunisian couscous relies more on the vegetable broth than its Moroccan and Algerian versions, which have more herbs and spices.

    Service is efficient but a tad too friendly (they say "tu" too easily).

    A close second would be Le Kerkennah (1021, rue Fleury, a bit more out of the way). Their couscous is not as carefully made, but they serve a very good ojja, which I'll describe as a pepper and shrimp stew, but it's much better than that.