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Sep 29, 2004 03:45 PM

Italian Downtown

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Hello Montreal Chowhounds from a T.O. Chowhound

I am looking for a place to take my G.F. this weekend in Montreal (yup, long distance relationship!!)

Any ways, we are looking to try a new resturant.

I wouldn't mind something a little bit 'different' in style, however I don't feel like paying through the nose, I was at Gibby's last weekend, I paid through the nose then.

We both enjoy Italian or general cuisine. We don't eat fish or seafood of any kind.

Can any chowhound here recommend a nice resturant, either Italian or otherwise


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  1. what's downtown to you? :-)

    Da Emma in the old port is good ...

    a newer Italian resto that's been getting good reviews in the city is Giorno e Sera on St. Denis north of the thread for comments on this place.

    good luck - report back if you can

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    1. re: fullabeans

      we did the old port last weekend

      I just made a reservation at Giorno..

      I will report back next week!


      1. re: fullabeans

        I saw the menu at Giorno and it really didn't suit our tastes for that night.

        We ended up at a local joint not far from there called Restuant Elio.

        Very casual, very Italian and very good and VERY cheap!.