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May 22, 2014 11:34 AM

Move over, Humboldt Fog, you've got a competitor!

Lakes Edge, from Blue Ledge Farm in Simsbury, Vt. strongly reminds me of Humboldt Fog, one of my favorite cheeses. A mold-ripened goat cheese with a fresh creamy taste, it even has the distinctive ash layer running through the middle. The cheese shop proprietor said that some prefer it to H.F., but I won't make that decision until I conduct a side-by-side taste test. They're both great. Their distribution seems to be concentrated in the New England/New York area, so it may be hard to find in other regions.

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  1. Also found it in BigY (which seems to have a better than average cheese selection for a supermarket). $1 cheaper than cheese shop.

    1. Noted! My son fell in love with HF at the tender age of 6 and it can be an expensive habit, LOL. We are always looking new cheese in the same vein. I am outside of Boston so will have to look for it.