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Sep 29, 2004 12:02 PM

Food obsessed family visits Montreal- any advice?

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My husband and I will be visiting Montréal with our chow-lovin' and restaurant-friendly 1 year old son over Thanksgiving and the week or so following. We are renting an apt. near the Laurier metro station, but will travel far and wide for food.

Does anyone have any recommendations for:

*kid-friendly restaurants that are not hideous,chain restaurants?

*someplace to eat on Thanksgiving day? We don't arrive until the night before- no time to go to the market.

*any good places to food shop in the Laurier area?

*any don't-miss food shops (other than Jean-Talon and Atwater)or other culinary fun?

Thanks in advance for your help. We are considering moving to Montréal soon and have to check out the basic necessities (food, markets, and, um, more food)so we can make a truly informed decision.

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  1. By any chance, would you be interested in food ? ;)
    Are you thinking of the US thanksgiving or the canadian ? They're on different dates.
    Laurier metro is steps away from St-Denis; within easy walking distance are several good restaurants (La Montee de Lait, french with a cheese focus; Les Rites Berberes, north african/couscous BYOB; Le Persil fou, french, and several more). Walking just a bit further south and you'll hit the busier stretch of St-Denis, as well as Mont-Royal and Duluth where there are tons of restaurants, many of which are frequently discussed on this board (L'Express, Mochica, Cocagne, Le P'tit Plateau, La Colombe, Au Pied du Cochon,etc...).
    As far as food shops, there's a fruit & vegetable place just steps away from the metro, on the corner of St-Denis and St-Joseph (never been inside, but the outside looks fancy). Further east on Laurier (a longer walk) there's a small stretch with some interesting gourmet food shops and restaurants, including Le fromentier (artisanal bread) and Byblos (Persian restaurant). Mont-Royal also has many gourmet food shops.
    Can't really comment on the kid-friendly thing, but there is a decent thin-crust pizza place (Pizzedelic or Piazzetta or something like that) set in a classic diner car, just steps away from the metro on St-Denis.

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    1. re: Johnnyboy

      Ah, good question (and even better advice- thank you).

      The Thanksgiving in question is Canadian. In America Thanksgiving is a feeding frenzy and many stores and restaurants are closed. My Canadian born and raised mother-in-law also puts on a feast for Canadian Thanksgiving, but what do I know- maybe she has just been in the States too long. Is it a big deal there? Or will dining out (with a small child)not be a problem?

      1. re: Kris

        Canadian thanksgiving is not a big deal in Quebec, just another long week-end. Some shops might be closed on monday, but I doubt many restaurants will be. If you're thinking of finer restaurants, I would check in advance, though (fine restaurants are often closed on mondays anyway).

    2. I read the other post and it's good advice. This was my old neighbourhood, so I can vouch for it! The grocery on the corner of St. Joseph & St. Denis is great (to confirm) if you need any thing to pick up.

      On Laurier heading west there are a few fun shops for foodies. Les Touilleurs is a great kitchen store and across the street (approx.) there is a great place to look and buy treats called Les Recoltes D'Andrea. Also plenty of restaurants, all of which I'm sure will be kid-friendly. Maybe let them know in advance in the case they have advice about time/food etc.

      La Forchetta - italian, small, friendly
      Lemeac - search the board for many comments
      Moi, Toi et cafe - good for lunch and breakfast
      Gascogne - for patisserie.

      as for pizza, Pizzadelic on Mont-Royal is the best and very kid friendly - the pizza's are very good but they serve pasta and salad too.

      I moved here three years ago and just get enough!!

      1. Hi,

        We often go to restaurant with our kid (now 18 months old ), so I can give you a few names. Those are not fancy restaurants, but they serve good food and, most important, they are not chains!

        You can try Pho Nam Do, a vietnamese restaurant on St-Denis, corner of Jean-Talon (metro Jean-Talon). Good vietnamese soup, really cheap, and lots of vietnamese families for lunch on sunday.

        There's also a Dim Sum place in Chinatown called Ruby Rouge on Clark street, close from La Gauchetière.

        You can also try Punjab Palace, an indian restaurant on Jean-Talon in Parc Extension (metro Parc). Really cheap to, really good.

        All the pizza places are good with kids, and the rotisseries. You can try Rotisserie Ty-Coq at 1875 Mont-Royal (close from your place). It's kind of an institution and the breakfasts are good.

        Wish you a good trip!

        1. Pizzadelic suggestion is good, our 22 month old loved it there. Au Pied de Cochon is child friendly and has high chairs, great food and a loud, bustling atmosphere to drown out a few squeaks here and there.