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May 22, 2014 08:32 AM

Top 10 Recent Dining Experiences

I am one of those pain in the neck posters who has no particular budget or preferences on what I want to eat when I next visit NYC, so I took this approach for my research. The places don't have to be new btw. Just any type of place (3 star to street food) that you just said to yourself, "damn this is good".

If you have less than 10 please list what you got. Much appreciated.

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  1. Most recent (not really in any order):

    1. Annisa
    2. Hakkasan
    3. Decoy
    4. Bun-ker
    5. Tournesol
    6. Takesushi
    7. Biang
    8. China Blue
    9. Glasserie
    10. Mighty Quinn's

    1. Momoya
      Blue Smoke (Texas ribs)
      Larb Ubol
      Pam Real (Kao Soi)
      NY Pizza Suprema (Upside down slice)
      Aquavit (party catered by them)
      Costata - bistecca fiorentina per due
      Fresh and Co - Quinoa bowl
      Sullivan Street Bakery - pizza pecorino

      1. 1. Momofuku Ko (both lunch & dinner) -- no surprise
        2. EMP
        3. Atera
        4. Ma Peche
        5. Jungsik
        6. Juni
        7. The NoMad
        8. Betony
        9. Bouley
        10. Picholine

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          Oh, I forgot about an excellent meal at Picholine and a fantastic brunch at Boulud Sud

        2. All time favorites:

          1. Eleven Madison Park
          2. Gramercy Tavern
          3. Traif
          4. Casa Mono
          5. Aquavit
          6. Daniel
          7. Tocqueville
          8. The NoMad
          9. Annisa
          10. The Modern

          A sidenote as they ended their pop up dinners, but once Mu Ramen gets their brick-and-mortar shop, I'd definitely go back for their Spicy Miso Ramen.

          1. In absolutely no order whatsoever:

            Maysville (brunch)
            The Gander
            Eleven Madison Park
            The Modern Dining Room
            The NoMad
            The Breslin
            Num Pang

            Bar "snacks" at The Jeffrey