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May 22, 2014 08:06 AM

Zaitzeff (Financial District)

Had lunch at Zaitzeff recently. Expensive, but worth it. Everything is very fresh. We got our food to go. If you want to eat in they have 3 large community tables.

I ordered the turkey burger with fresh jalapenos and avocado. Sweet potato fries. Only one choice of bun, English muffin. They used to have more choices back in the day when they first opened.

I GOT a sirloin burger with sauteed onions, tomato (delicious Summer tomato), lettuce, fresh jalapenos and avocado. I forgot to order my sweet potato fries well done and they were a little soggy.

Yes, I had a few bites of meat before realizing it didn't look like turkey or chicken. The last time I ate meat was many, many years ago when a friend's BF fed me some veal on the pretense it was chicken. Not very nice.

My friend wanted me to go back and tell them they messed up my order, but for $1.25 I had better things to do. She took my sirloin burger home to eat later.

Not sure if "sirloin" sounds like "turkey." Maybe repeat your order several times. If you go at lunch time, check your order carefully!

The Yelp perspective:

There are many Zaitzeff posts on this Board if you want to do a search, not sure how recent they are.

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  1. An issue I have with Zaitzeff, aside from the price, is that their ventilation is not effective enough. If you eat inside there, or even in the time it takes to place and get your order, you start smelling like grease.

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      Good to know, Pookipichu.

      Leaving a restaurant smelling like food/grease and no salt on the table (didn't notice if this was the case at Zaitzeff) are two of my pet peeves.