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Sep 28, 2004 12:24 PM

Rosalie report

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I'm posting this for my girlfriend, who went to Rosalie for dinner with a friend last week-end. Overall, the experience was a disaster. The food was bland to frankly bad, for instance a Lapin a la Moutarde that tasted like chicken with 2 pounds of salt added (although the accompanying fresh pasta were good). The appetizer was not better and very salty: a "shrimp and swordfish bisque" which had big chunks of vegetables and scallops... Service was barely competent, with multiple mistakes made; their server was unpleasantly pretentious, and the waitresses had a tough time walking around the room with their 4-inch shiny heels - the place almost felt like a nudie bar, especially with the 80-90's music blaring. My girlfriend, not one who easily complains or makes a scene, was actually compelled to call the manager to let him know how outrageous it was to ask this kind of money for that bad quality of food. He tried to placate her with a creme brulee, supposedly their big dessert attraction. Well, we make better creme brulee at home; the only outstanding feature was its huge size, which frankly shouldn't be the selling point for any dessert. All in all, she feels this is probably the worst dinner she's had in a restaurant.

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  1. Thanks for your report. I've had similiar experiences at Rosalie(including the bad service). Some of my friends, also have had problems with the food at Rosalie. Otherwise most of the writeups on food discussion boards & in the press have been pretty favourable to them.

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      You should talk directly to David, who is often at Rosalie in the evening hours. If anything he will take your comments into consideration in the future or suggest other dishes that you might prefer.

    2. j
      jc rainville

      you must be mistaken i eat at rosalie three times a week ,the food is always simple and good,i love the girls they are sweet and beautiful and the rabbit is my favorte dish,i can see that is seedy a bit but if you new david hes a bit seedy as well....its not a geek foody restaurant,its simply a good bistro down town and a good reflection of montreal.anyway david is always there and you should talk to him,if he decides to cook for you or ask him ,i gaurantee it will be one of the better meals you have had,do you always speak for your girlfriend,you seem a negative retentive person ,to bad for you....

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        >the food is always simple and good
        Not true (the always good part, I mean). When Roaslie's got all its ducks in a row, the food can be delicious. But catch them on a busy night or, I suppose, when the kitchen is being manned by an inexperienced, incompetent or distracted souschef and delicious is not the first word that springs to mind. And while I've never had to totally write off a meal at Rosalie, an experience like Johnnyboy describes doesn't strike me as beyond the realm of possibility.

        >i love the girls they are sweet and beautiful
        To each his own. I find selecting waitrons of either sex on the basis of their looks repulsive as both an idea and a practice. Forcing waitresses to don unergonomic footwear is unsafe; forcing them to dress like harlots is demeaning to them and other women. I'm really surprised someone hasn't hauled Rosalie, Globe and other such restaurants before the Human Rights Board and the Occupational Health and Safety Commission. Talk about your cut-and-dried case.

        >do you always speak for your girlfriend
        If you'd bother reading other JB's other posts, you'd know the answer to that. JB posted an update from a reliable source who, for whatever reason, asked him to do so. What's wrong with that? A couple of francophone friends of mine just returned from a week in the Charlevoix, where they discovered a great new restaurant in La Malbaie. Their English isn't good enough for them to post a report, so they've asked me to do so based on their comments. According to you, I should refuse?

        >you seem a negative retentive person
        Again, JB's other posts on this prove exactly the opposite. Maybe you should cut the baseless personal attacks?

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          Thanks, bftp !

          1. re: bftp

            As far as the female waitresses. It's the upscale restaurants in lower St-Laurent, & its offshoots(Rosalie, Cavalli), that are the main culprits. I just have a hard time taking the establishments seriously, with these hiring practices.

            Concerning Rosalie, I've tried them several times, & in honesty, the food ain't that good.

            1. re: bftp

              i imagine you as a bunch of sniveling food geeks that have nothin better to do than over analize everything,btfp are you johnnyboys girlfriend?,loosen the sphincter and the world will look like a different place for you...

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                HOPE YOUR POST (AND MINE) get deleted, moron! We don't come here to insult each other.

                1. re: jc rain

                  "analize ... sphincter"

                  Thanks for sharing your ***hole obsession with us, JC. (anal-ize!!! You've made my day!) And for showing just what kind of subarticulate homophobic lout gets off on Rosalie's waitresses.

              2. re: jc rainville

                > you seem a negative retentive person ,to bad for you

                "negative retentive" ? What the hell is that ? Sorry, I guess my pop psychology is not up to snuff - maybe I should catch up on my self-help readings. But YOU should really learn basic spelling, punctuation and capitals - they're really important, you know, especially if you don't want to look like a raving simpleton.
                Oh and by the way, I will NOT talk to "david". When I go to an expensive restaurant, I expect to be served a good meal, without having to know the chef personally or begging him to cook for me.

                1. re: Johnnyboy

                  Why would you refuse to speak to a chef who could offer you guidance on your menu choices or provide you detailed information on a plat du jour?

                  Don't beg, just ask about the menu and and talk about your personal tastes. Perhaps you'll be surprised.

                  1. re: Andrew

                    Of course I wouldn't refuse to speak to a chef. I was just a bit miffed at the previous message's implication that you needed to know the chef or speak to him in order to get a decent meal.