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May 21, 2014 09:28 PM

2014 boysenberry sightings?

Has anyone seen fresh boysenberries at any FM yet? Our plant is starting to produce and I don't want to miss the brief and utterly delicious season. I adore them.

I have another chow baby on my hand. First ripe boysenberry with no more available cause his first toddler tantrum.

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  1. Hopefully you will keep us posted if you have a sighting.
    The "Boys" are my favorite as well, yet difficult to find, any time, even in season.
    I will check with the Studio City vendors on Sunday.

    1. I picked up 1/2 a flat last Wednesday at the farmers mkt

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          Santa Monica, Murray family farms

      1. I was told that boysenberries would be available next weekend from Pudwil and that they were available on Saturday at SM FM, yet not the Sunday Studio City version.
        Not big supply this week, but next week should be much better.
        Don't forget also that Blenheim apricots and figs are coming in within 1-2 weeks which might provide alternatives to other fruit choices.

        1. Mr. JudiAU found some early ones at HFM. More next week.