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May 21, 2014 08:44 PM

Wedding anniversary in Avon, CO

My husband and I are going to be spending our 12 year wedding anniversary in Avon, CO this weekend and was wondering if there were any places that I MUST eat at. I'm not picky and as I'm not aware of the types of cuisines Colorado really offers, I'm up for anything. So romantic? Adventurous? Where should we eat? We don't ski and nature has never been our strong suit, so eating will be the main goal of this trip. :)

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  1. Most romantic is Mirabelle at the entrance to Beaver Creek, best in the area is Splendio in Beaver Creek, followed by Grouse Mountain Grill and Golden Eagle.

    Bachelor Gulch Ritz has a Spago that's good. But be aware everything will be very quiet here until late June. In Avon itself, Boxcar is doing a good job having just opened in the last 2 months and Vin 48 is good for wine and apps.

    In Vail, 10 mile up the road is Sweet Basil, my favorite. 6 miles the other way is Juniper, Dish and Zino's in Edwards. These places will be more active as they attract locals with off season specials.

    However, if you are here the weekend of June 7th, the GoPro Games are on and additional 40K folks will show up.

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      Thanks for the recommendations. I'm leaving tomorrow and will have to come home on Monday. Quiet and still is exactly what I need so you just gave me some hope. Thanks again.

    2. Based on Blueox's recommendations, we ate at both the Golden Eagle and Sweet Basil last summer.

      I'm still dreaming about the bison I had at Golden Eagle. It was one of the best meals i had in 2013. In fact, just thinking about it makes me want to drive up to Beaver Creek this summer to eat there. I'll also note that the bartender is an excellent mixologist. My cocktail was so good, I had to get up and go talk to him about it (Seriously... this guy could hold his own at any of the uber trendy craft cocktail bars in NYC or Seattle.) Even though Golden Eagle serves a ski resort, it had a neighborhood vibe to it. Maybe that is because I was there in the summer, but people in the restaurant knew the bartender and servers by name.

      Sweet Basil is nice. We had a lovely 3 course lunch there. To me, it is typical of trendy, high-end restaurants you can find in lots of US cities. If you go, make a reservation to sit on the back patio/deck. You can watch people play in the river below. Very charming.

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        Golden eagle sounds amazing. My husband is definitely intrigued. Especially after he saw the elk chili.

      2. FWIW, on their website they say Splendido is closed for the season and will reopen on June 6.