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May 21, 2014 06:29 PM

Am I right to refuse a fractured pint glass?

Ordered an iced tea at a bar & grill. It was served in a pint sized beer glass that had a 4 inch crack. I told the server and she took it away without saying a word. But I had a hard time believing that nobody noticed it because I saw it immediately. Would a place knowingly serve drinks in a cracked glass like that?

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    1. I'm far from queasy about things that drive other nuts. But a single chip in a glass and, at home, it's in the trash and, in a restaurant, it goes back.

        1. Absolutely you are right to refuse; and there's no way someone (dishwasher, bartender, server) didn't notice a four-inch crack. Not unless the place is so dark you need a flashlight to read the menu.

          1. "Would a place knowingly serve drinks in a cracked glass?"

            The kind of place where a server takes back a cracked glass "without saying a word" would.

            Don't go there any more.