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May 21, 2014 06:05 PM

Indian, Chinese, middle eastern food near Knightsbridge/belgravia

We are renting a flat in the pont street mews, in Knightsbridge, and seeking some good casual ethnic food in the area. We will have our 11 y.o. DS with us, and who will no doubt be tired after a long day sightseeing. I don't plan on cooking much, but may bring in some take out or eat casually in the neighborhood. Local gastro pubs would also be nice.

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  1. The food at Ebury Wine Bar (not too far from Pont Street Mews) has delicious food - both restaurant and bar menu available.

    1. You have very many options from there.

      At its western end Pont St becomes Beauchamp Place which has plenty of good places. Try Maroush for Lebanese.

      Motcomb St, 5 mins walk away has Motcombs for Modern European, Pantechnicon which is a bit gastro-pub, Amaya for snazzy Indian and a Waitrose supermarket.

      When my children were 11 they loved the conveyor belt at YoSushi on the 5th floor of Harvey Nichols department store, half a mile away.

      The Cadogan Hotel on Sloane St has an excellent trad dining room.

      So many more choices nearby, near Sth Kensington or Sloane Sq tube stations. None that I would advise against.

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      1. re: Robin Joy

        Thank you for taking the time to reply.
        Can I bring my well behaved son to Ebury? DH loves his wine with good food.
        Which would be best with DS as well, Maroush or Ishbilia or
        Beiteddine? The more casual, the better.
        Amaya or Chutney Mary for Indian?

        1. re: bawc

          Ebury seemed like a very casual place. I don't think taking your son would be a problem, especially if you sat in the restaurant vs the bar area. My daughter-in-law (my family lives in the States) loves Amaya, but I've never been. My favorite in London right now is Cafe Spice Namaste, but it's not near your flat, although if you are at the Tower of London, it would be a great lunch spot.

          1. re: bawc

            Maroush more casual. Ishbilia more for grown-ups, but not intimidating, just a little less colourful for youngsters.

            Amaya is upmarket, noisy, and expensive. I know I suggested it, but Phil's recc opposite Harrods sounds a better idea.

            Wine will not be a problem in any of these places, but it does get marked up quite a bit. Last time I was in Ishbilia the fantastic Chateau Musar was
            priced at three times the £25 shop price I pay.

            Edit: Just checked Ishbilia's site and to be fair to them their current wine list actually looks quite reasonably priced. No Musar though!

        2. There is a good, very casual Indian, opposite Harrods called "Haandi" which is well priced (for the area) and has good food. The main entrance is the street behind Knightsbridge but they have a small door off Knightsbridge as well. It's much more of a "local" restaurant than the big names but it would be my choice for take-away or a relaxed meal after sightseeing (kids no problem).

          1. Dim sum at Grand Imperial; next to Victoria Train station for a Belgravia location. They quietly got a new and very able chef last year.

            Persian kebabs at Mohsen near Kensington High Street.

            Sichuan at No. 10 Chinese Restaurant at Earl's Court.