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May 21, 2014 05:40 PM


Does anyone know what restaurants in Central NJ serve braciole?

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  1. Guerriero's in Morristown.- just like your nonna used to make.

    1. Depends in what you consider central Jersey. IL Giardinello in Toms River does.

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        I would definitely recommend the braciole at Il Giardinello, 1232 New Jersey 166, Toms River

        We were just there on Sunday and I had the braciole (that was the third time I had it in the last year LOL) It was absolutely delicious! It is served on a large bed of penne that had a fabulous pizzaiola type sauce that has mushrooms and red peppers.

        On Sunday there were 9 of us and everyone had something diffferent and they all loved their appetizers and dinners. 7 had never been there before as it was our recommendation and we had to drive over an hour to get there.

      2. I had a very nice braciole at Saluté in Montclair recently. Not sure if that is Central NJ, but I'll throw it out there.

        I've lived in NJ all my 53 years but could never quite figure out exactly what "Central NJ" is. :)

        1. Taormina's in Kenilworth (kinda north central).

          1. I do not have too much knowledge of Central NJ, but if you are willing to venture further north. La Sicilia on Washington Ave in Belleville makes a very good Veal Braciole that is off the menu. Follow that up with an order of their Homemade Fusilli with Ricotta and you are in business. Also, the place is easy on the wallet. Just do not stray to far away from the Red Sauce items and you will land yourself a pretty good meal.