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Suggestions near Marblehead

My wife and I will be visiting family in Hamilton next week, and would like to have dinner with a friend who lives in Marblehead. Any suggestions for good food in that area? Price doesn't matter, just quality.

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    1. 5 Corners Kitchen in Marblehead, Firenze in Salem, and 62 in Salem. The Barrel house in Beverly for great cocktails.

      1. If you like sushi, perhaps Junji Fine Japanese Cuisine.

        1. If you like Japanese food I also recommend Junji's Fine Japanese Cuisine. This restaurant has only been open a few months but Junji is one of the most talented Japanese chefs in the Boston area. The restaurant offers a full range of traditional Japanese favorites with an emphasis on sushi. The quality of the fish he uses is excellent. It is a rather small place and it gets busy on weekends so I would suggest making a reservation.

          1. 5Corners Kitchen- a beautiful light filled room, little candles at night. excellent French influenced food.
            professional service, talented bartender, comfy banquettes, easy street parking. a real delight; we go often for brunch even though it's a 35-40 min. drive.

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              Is the noise level at 5Corners any better since it reopened? I went once before the fire and it was so loud conversation was impossible, the kind of loud that burned in my ears even after I left the restaurant.

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                I never really noticed a noise problem, although I am generally there on the earlier side. $1 oysters from 5-6.

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                  wow, really?!! I had no idea and now i am psyched! Do you know if they're Island Creeks?

                  vmae, It is def. better than before but it is noisier at night than for brunch ( which we have had there many many times.) It is quiet at brunch (we always go late.)

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                    They have been different oysters the half dozen or so times I have been at that time. And you don't have to be at the bar for the $1 oysters.

            2. My friends just went to the Landing yesterday. They gave it great reviews. The Landing has been in Marblehead forever.

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                The Landing is fine as long as you keep it simple.

              2. Jack Tar is tasty! Love their fish tacos.

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                  drew, we have really missed our fav fish tacos at the now defunct La Verdad so I am particularly keen to find a good source. Most important to me is that the fried fish NOT be tilapia ( and I'd prefer haddock) and i'd love to find the chef using chipotle sour cream . Plse tell me more about the ones at Jack Tar!

                  I found them on the menu!:

                  Crispy Cod Tacos 14
                  Asian Slaw, Mango Salsa, Salsa Fresca
                  Black Beans and Rice

                  I have been meaning to try this place for a long time because their area number of CH fans who have raved it.
                  I like their menu! Other favs of yours there? thx!

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                    The fish tacos at Jack-Tar are alright if your in the area, but I wouldn't go out of my way for them.The fish is definitely the star,. mediocre slaw and salsa. I prefer the fish taco at the Landing.