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Fresh Tortillas

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Where can I buy the best freshly made flour and corn tortillas in SD?

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  1. < Jepoardy theme plays >

    What is: Las Quatros Milpas?

    1. Any tortilleria or Mexican market

      Tortilleria Lily in City Height for tortillas made with corn nixtamalized in house.

      * Vallarta markets (south bay)

      * Northgate markets (various locations) (in house tortilleria)

      * Pancho Villa market (El Cajon Blvd where it crosses the 805) (in house tortilleria and flour tortillaria in the produce section)

      * Gabriels (on Imperial around 24th)

      * La Flor Michoacana (somewhere off Euclid)

      1. DD's shortlist is certainly a great place to start.

        I'll add Carnival Market to her list, where you can also always find warm, in-house-made tortillas on the shelves.

          1. While I'm not a huge fan of their food, El Indio makes damn fine tortillas (and chips).

            1. Tacos el Panson makes corn tortillas to order.

              1. For flour, we hit up Tommy's TexMex stand on 32nd and Thorn in North Park. Friday through Sunday.

                Corn, Northgate

                1. Love, love the tortillas from Pancho Villa's (as DD mentioned) but before I discovered that they started making them in-house, I would always buy them at Otay Farms Market in Chula Vista. They imposed a 4 dozen limit because of the demand.