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SoCal hound requesting help during stay in Weston

We'll be staying with our son and his family for a week in June. It doesn't appear there's much in Weston proper, but would like recommendations for restaurants nearby (say, within ten minutes or so), for a couple dinners out. Non-chains, mid-priced to upscale, seafood, steaks, ethnic ok.

Also, would greatly appreciate referral to any butcher shops nearby where I can buy prime beef, and the best retail fish market close to Weston. Thanks so much.

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  1. Can't speak to many spots, but I think Waltham might have a few nice spots to check out. Which should be a short 10 minute ride from anywhere in Weston

    1. You could head over to The local in Wayland, I have been there a few times and enjoyed it every time. I would say it is mid-priced.


      1. The Indian restaurant in Wellesley- Singh's Cafe gets good reviews on this board

        1. Bullfinch's & Prime 131 in Sudbury.

          1. look at some of the waltham posts on this forum. Weston has nothing but Dairy Joy which is a rip off.

            For Waltham, Check Mulon (taiwanese)
            and Dominics (takeout italian sandwiches, etc) on main st.. Lots of choices on moody street.

            1. Depending on where you will be in Weston, the drive to Sycamore in Newton will be closer to 20 minutes, but it's worth it. For fish, Captain Marden's in Wellesley is good, but if you have any reason to be in Cambridge while you're here, check out New Deal.

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                +1 on Captain Marden's for seafood. Roche Bros. (local grocer) and Whole Foods might be closest/best for meat - both in Wellesley.

                For restaurants, Blue Ginger and Alta Strada are both in the Wellesley Square area. I find Blue Ginger comically expensive, but others like it. CK Shanghai in Wellesley on Newton line is a good spot for Chinese.

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                  Great suggestions. If I were you, I'd be eating at Sycamore every night- what a welcoming place w/ terrific interesting varied -cuisine food. Easy street parking and Newton Center is fun for an after-dinner walk-around. Capt. Marden's is a long established very well respected seafood co.

                  P.s. Blue Ginger's menu reads great but we were consistently disappointed there over a number of years and finally eschewed it.

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                    Thanks very much to all so far, especially the fishmonger and butcher suggestions, as I'll be cooking in more often than eating out. Sycamore and Captain Marden's seem just what I'm looking for.

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                      Welcome to Boston! Tell your friends!

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                    I take a seafood rec from someone called johndory extra serious :)

                  3. I would suggest two places in Waltham which is a short ride from Weston. Both are upscale Italian places that reviews. One is Il Capriccio and the other is La Campania. Take a look at their web sites.

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                      These would be my recommendations, as well. Il Capriccio can go a bit heavy on the butter/cream, though. I find meals there incredibly rich but delicious. Great wine lists, too.

                    2. AKA Bistro in nearby Lincoln, a short drive west on Rt 117. Upscale French/Japanese fusion.

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                        Also, Verrill Farm in Concord, also west on 117. Their asparagus is in.

                      2. If you are selective (buy what looks good) Twin Seafood in West Concord has decent fish. Mulan in Waltham has excellent Taiwanese. Kebab and Tandoor in Waltham has good halal Indian.

                        You clearly don't lack for good Mex, but the Gorditas and the tamales at Antojitos in Waltham are good and the tacos at El Amigo also in Waltham are excellent. (None of these places are fancy.)

                        1. Roche Brothers has just opened in Weston center (Brothers Market). It is a small store but the produce, bakeries, meat and fish departments will more than fill your needs. For grocery items they don't have your best bet will depend where you are in Weston. My top picks for Waltham are Il Capriccio, Mulan, Domenic's, Moody Provisions and Charcoal Guido's. Hope you have a pleasant visit.

                          1. Reporting back....couldn't get in to Sycamore ("so sorry, but we book 6 weeks in advance"). Had a lovely dinner downstairs in a private room at Il Caprricio. Among the best duck we've ever had. Octopus salad spot on. Chicken Milanese and Lamb Osso bucco both outstanding. They happily accommodated our grandkids, who wanted only linguine with butter. Friendly service...just a great choice. If this is any indication of the Italian cuisine we can expect in the burbs of Boston, well, we'll be happy campers on future visits. Thanks!

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                              i am glad that you liked it, but it is one of the best italian restaurants in Boston; i doubt that there is another as good in the burbs. The Western suburbs are a notorious food dessert so you lucked out.

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                                actually you are incorrect. In addition to Il capriccio, which I like very much, La Campania is good and Domenics is great for Italian cold cuts and sandwiches and takeout. The new salumeria on Moody Street makes fabulous if expensive cold cuts, and one of the best Italian markets, Salem, is now gone, replaced by the salumeria. You can find quite good Italian food and supplies in Waltham. If you include Newton, just a few minutes further, on Watertown Street, you'll find De Pasquales for first rate sausages and Antoines for very good Italian cream cakes.

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                                  You can add Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, NH to best in class Italian in the burbs too.

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                                    Tuscan Kitchen has opened a second location in Burlington. Friends were supposed to go last night but one was too ill. Hope they report back when they all make it.

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                                Thanks for a great report. I'm ashamed to say that, although I live in Waltham, I've never been to Il Capriccio. It's one of those places that my husband jokes about being too close and convenient so we can't go there.

                                Glad you had a memorable time, and you just might have motivated me to finally get there.