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May 21, 2014 11:37 AM

SoCal hound requesting help during stay in Weston

We'll be staying with our son and his family for a week in June. It doesn't appear there's much in Weston proper, but would like recommendations for restaurants nearby (say, within ten minutes or so), for a couple dinners out. Non-chains, mid-priced to upscale, seafood, steaks, ethnic ok.

Also, would greatly appreciate referral to any butcher shops nearby where I can buy prime beef, and the best retail fish market close to Weston. Thanks so much.

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  1. Can't speak to many spots, but I think Waltham might have a few nice spots to check out. Which should be a short 10 minute ride from anywhere in Weston

    1. You could head over to The local in Wayland, I have been there a few times and enjoyed it every time. I would say it is mid-priced.


      1. The Indian restaurant in Wellesley- Singh's Cafe gets good reviews on this board

        1. Bullfinch's & Prime 131 in Sudbury.

          1. look at some of the waltham posts on this forum. Weston has nothing but Dairy Joy which is a rip off.

            For Waltham, Check Mulon (taiwanese)
            and Dominics (takeout italian sandwiches, etc) on main st.. Lots of choices on moody street.