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May 21, 2014 11:36 AM

Culver City Breakfast

I just recently moved to Culver City and am currently home on maternity leave. I'm looking for some breakfast options. I need something that has a great brunch, but is not too fancy. I used to eat at places like Food and Clementine when I lived in Westwood. I'm hoping there is something similar nearby. It needs to be family-friendly, as I have a 2 yo and a newborn. We would mostly go to it on weekends as a whole family. We've been to Metro Cafe, but I just wasn't that impressed. Maybe we ordered wrong?

I'm also looking for a place that has a really amazing breakfast sandwich. This can be a completely different place, preferably one pretty close to the intersection of Sawtelle and Sepulveda. I would go to this place on weekday mornings with my newborn just to eat some good eggs and have a change of scenery.


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  1. Pepe's Galley...chiliquiles verde...but everything is good!

    1. What did you order to Metro Café?

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        It was a while ago, but I think my husband got a spinach feta omelette. The ratio of feta and spinach to egg was way off.

        1. re: DanielleW

          I like the chevapchichi sandwich there.

      2. There aren't any places near the intersection of Sawtelle and Sepulveda that are similar to Clementine, IMO.

        For what it's worth, we're neighbors -- that intersection and Metro Cafe are within a mile of my house.

        One very kid friendly place for breakfast close to the S/S intersection is George's. But, keep in mind, this is a total hole in the wall, very, very inexpensive, full of families and regular customers. They do your regular breakfast type foods but since it's owned by a nice Korean family they also have bulgogi and eggs. We eat there all the time, but again, it's a hole in the wall and that's what we like.

        My real recommendation is Ronnie's Diner, though I wouldn't associate that place with Clementine, either. Ronnie's, also very family friendly, has very good breakfasts, with the chorizo bowl being a favorite of many, including some on this message board. It's only open for breakfast and lunch and can get a little crowded on weekends. They do healthier/cleaner versions of typical diner fare, it's really good.

        J. Nichols in the Marina Marketplace might work for you, and there is a branch of Le Pain Quotidien there as well.

        I haven't had breakfast at the new Superba (only been there for dinner) and it's a few miles from Culver City on Lincoln in Venice, but it is, to me, more in the Clementine vein in a way.

        So, for great, family friendly breakfast I rec Ronnie's on Culver Boulevard on the west end of Culver City.

        For hole in the wall breakfast recommended because it is close to Sawtelle/Sepulveda it's George's -- which is nothing like Clementine. (on the positive side, your kids can get loud and stuff and no one will care)

        Possibilities for slightly "nicer" breakfast spots I'm tossing out J. Nichols and Superba (where I have not tried the breakfast).

        P.S. -- I don't care for Metro Cafe either.

        P.S.S. -- S&W Diner in Culver City also does a good breakfast. Cash only. But not like Clementine either.

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          For a hearty breakfast, I love S & W. Combos with two eggs done accurately any way you order them, a main item (such as corned beef hash either homemade or from a can, sausage, bacon or ham, meat loaf -- which i found disappointing, pork chop, a bunch of others) and a choice of side -- 2 pancakes (my favorite), hash browns and toast, a waffle, and more. A LOT of food served piping hot for well under $10. On the south side of Washington just west of where it intersects with Culver, east side of Culver City.

          1. re: Servorg

            Good idea.

            Closer to what the OP would like compared to my recs.

          2. Was going to suggest Bistro Laurent (I think I've gotten some of their pastries from the Farmer's Market b/f, but I've never to the restaurant)... and then I realized that they're moving.


            Still, might be worth checking out once they re-open.

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            1. re: ilysla

              I definitely would have suggested BL -- we went all the time.

              But we were the only one's who did. They've been "re-opening" for a while.

              Just a warning: BL is not associated with the similarly named Cafe Laurent on Overland. Similar names, similar menus and a distantly-shared history. But CL is not a place I'd recommend.