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Sep 24, 2004 04:24 PM

Auberge Bonsecours...anyone been? Good food nearby?

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Thanks...going in 2 weeks...can't wait...

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  1. No input on Auberge Bonsecours other than to say it has good word of mouth.

    Re dining in Old Montreal (excuse the self-citation):
    This has been discussed both repeatedly and recently, and you can easily do the legwork necessary to find the info.

    With the Montreal Message Board displayed, use your browser's Search function (CTRL F on most PC browsers) to search the message titles for Old Montreal, Old Port and Vieux Port.

    For a thorough search of the content of the messages, go to Chowhound's front page ( and search on "old montreal" (quotation marks included). Alternatively, go to Google ( and do a search on the following string:

    chowhound montreal "old montreal"

    Note that Google's initial results pages show only a couple of hits for each site. To display all the hits, click the "More results from" link after the Chowhound results or the "repeat the search with the ommitted results included" link at the end of the results listing.

    And feel free to come back with any questions you may have after searching. ;o)

    1. Great location but not a fan of this place. The owner is a tad on the loony side which shouldn't affect your stay...but does.