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May 20, 2014 10:55 PM

Septime or David Toutain for a vegetarian?

I understand that both these restaurants will do vegetarian tasting menus on request. Could I get suggestions on where a vegetarian might fare better? I am aware that the orientations of these restaurants are different and it's difficult to compare them: Septime with a market driven approach whereas Toutain seems to lean more towards a molecular bent.

What intrigues me is the experience both of them have had with Passard, and I have had a couple of spectacular vegetarian meals at Arp├Ęge. I am sure I would enjoy both, but would appreciate and value comments from others on this board who have dined at these restaurants.

Also, I will be a solo diner. I assume that this is not an issue at either one of these restaurants? I do not plan to hide behind an iPhone; I will have a book with me but hope to take in the atmosphere and enjoy a quiet and gastronomically fulfilling evening.

Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.

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  1. Flip a coin, both are very good. I would probably go with Toutain but that may be because we were just there. The spacing and decor is also a bit nicer.

    1. At various times in my life I have visited Paris while eating vegetarian. I have never asked for plates to be specially created for me. Especially at the kinds of restaurants you are considering, vegetation is a major part of most plates. One, or at least i, can dine quite well by leaving any part of a plate that I don't want to eat. The small quantities of chicken or veal stock used in prep will have no effect on my style or health.

      It's just me, but I am very conscious of the monkey-wrench that special orders throw into the smooth running machinery of tiny kitchens.

      1. Being a solo diner is nowhere an issue. You don't need to hide behind anything, let alone a book (and reading during a meal might attract undesired attention to you; this is just not done).