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Questionable bill

I was dining at Paparazzi in Wellesley the other night (don't judge, I was with my kid and it was convenient) and I ordered a Caesar salad for the both of us, saying "we will split a Caesar salad." The salad was $8.50 on the menu but when I got the bill it listed "2 half Caesars" at $5 each. To my knowledge there was nothing about a share charge on the menu although I could have missed it. I didn't say anything because I couldn't quite work out what to say to them (and I'm a wimp and non-confrontational) but I was annoyed and think it was sketchy. What do people think? Should the server have told me ahead of time that that's what they would do?

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  1. Either the sharing charge should be listed on the menu in plain view, or the server should have told you.
    Sure, it's only a buck fifty, but it's the principle that the restaurant should have been transparent.

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        But, maybe it's on the menu?
        Sometimes half portions are listed- does the OP remember if half portions or side salads were one the menu?

      2. Yes, the server should have told you there was a charge. And really, you should have asked about it when you got the check, since they didn't tell you.

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        1. I definitely could have missed it but I don't think anything about a fee was on the menu.

          1. Sorry - I meant nothing about half salads etc on the menu.

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              Then it's not right that you got an upcharge without warning.

              1. i suggest telling the server that i ordered one salad and not two 1/2s.

                1. In restaurant jargon, there is a defined difference in ordering something shared and something split. You ordered something split.

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                    Well, that's "splitting hairs".
                    Given that most patrons don't speak restaurantese, I think the server should have advised the OP that it would cost more.
                    It's a distinction without a difference to most lay people.

                    DH and I say split and shared without meaning we want two plates.
                    I've never even thought to choose one word over the other and never had an upcharge if indeed the server or kitchen decided to give us 2 plates.

                    I am assuming I am getting exactly half, so split or share, there should not be an additional charge unless clearly written or spoken.

                    I guess I'd better parse my words carefully, lest this happen to me.

                  2. You should always feel as though you have the right to question any charge you don't understand or didn't expect. If you don't get satisfaction from the server, raise it to management. if you can't do it there, follow up with a phone call.

                    I don't think penalizing the server is a good default action. The error may not be their fault.

                    Be nice about your challenge, as maybe you did miss something. If they are in the wrong, most places will take steps to offer you satisfaction.