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May 20, 2014 04:27 PM

Questionable bill

I was dining at Paparazzi in Wellesley the other night (don't judge, I was with my kid and it was convenient) and I ordered a Caesar salad for the both of us, saying "we will split a Caesar salad." The salad was $8.50 on the menu but when I got the bill it listed "2 half Caesars" at $5 each. To my knowledge there was nothing about a share charge on the menu although I could have missed it. I didn't say anything because I couldn't quite work out what to say to them (and I'm a wimp and non-confrontational) but I was annoyed and think it was sketchy. What do people think? Should the server have told me ahead of time that that's what they would do?

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  1. Either the sharing charge should be listed on the menu in plain view, or the server should have told you.
    Sure, it's only a buck fifty, but it's the principle that the restaurant should have been transparent.

      1. re: youngho

        But, maybe it's on the menu?
        Sometimes half portions are listed- does the OP remember if half portions or side salads were one the menu?

      2. Yes, the server should have told you there was a charge. And really, you should have asked about it when you got the check, since they didn't tell you.

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        1. I definitely could have missed it but I don't think anything about a fee was on the menu.

          1. Sorry - I meant nothing about half salads etc on the menu.

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              Then it's not right that you got an upcharge without warning.