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May 20, 2014 03:46 PM

Towsend - any reviews?

Has anyone had a chance to try Townsend on passyunk on site? I have early reservations this Friday but am vacillating between it and a standard such as Vernick. N

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  1. This is where phillybyob would come in handy. According to his blog, he's done with us. Shame, I enjoyed his posts.

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      Wo, I did not see that! He was by far the best poster here....hmmm.

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          I don't know. Maybe a deleted post?

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          search on twitter for phillybestbyob. Also on Facebook

      1. I went there the first night they were open, they were only offering the bar menu at that time (pretty much the appetizers from their current menu). Everything was very good, but the hamachi dish and the beef tartare were the real standouts. I was very tempted to order a second plate of the hamachi immediately. Those two dishes alone were enough reason to go back there for a full dinner, which I haven't gotten to do yet.

        They also have a couple wines on tap, you don't see that at many places and it's a trend I like.

        1. Not in time to help you, but I was there about two weeks ago along with some family. We had the tasting menu and all thought it was a fantastic restaurant with delicious food, good service, and reasonable noise levels.

          Let's see if I can remember all of the items on the tasting menu: Broiled oyster with fennel, seared scallops, gnocchi, rabbit pot-au-feu, rockfish, petit filet on escargot, pavlova. I think I'm missing something.

          The only problem was with the rabbit. I thought mine was delicious but my wife and mother-in-law didn't like theirs. My wife passed me her plate and her rabbit was tough and the vegetables were undercooked. A bite from my mother-in-law's plate confirmed the same for her's. Perhaps it's more accurate to say that the dish is good but something went wrong in getting it out to six people at the same time.

          Besides the rabbit, it was a steady progression of increasingly good food with escargot that runs with the best of other restaurants in the area.

          Midway through dinner, another table got a chocolate souffle. Our server overheard my boozy excitement at how good it smelled and told us that would be our dessert. With three courses left for the anticipation to build, I was disappointed when it came time for dessert and we were served pavlova. My disappointment disappeared when I actually tried the pavlova--perfect meringue. My disappointment turned to elation when our server informed us that she'd been able to save the last chocolate souffle for us and it showed up a minute later.

          The next table over seemed to like the cocktail list, we liked the Ployez-Jacquemart champagne that showed up on the wine list.

          Overall, a great place that we're planning on putting into our regular restaurant rotation.

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            Remembered the other item on the tasting menu: chicken wrapped in phyllo.

          2. I was back here again recently and had another very good meal. That hamachi dish is easily the best thing I've had on either of my two visits.

            1. Does anyone know if there are specials in addition to what's on the menu?
              Our friends did not want to go because of the limited menu - nothing on there that they wanted to eat.
              We eat everything, so it wouldn't be a problem.