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May 20, 2014 03:44 PM

Good food at Orlando but with restrictions (kids and tight budgets...)??

I'm headed to a big family vacation to Orlando with two kids (5 and 3) and requests to eat somewhere low - mid range in price. This removes most of my restaurants on my wish list (ravenous pig, luma on park, K, the rusty spoon, cask & larder, etc..)

Any recommendations that fit these restrictions that will have good food and hopefully not a chain and not completely catered to children?

We're open to all types of food/cuisines with the exception of sushi (another family member request...)


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  1. What part of town? That will make all the difference.

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    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

      The address just says Orlando but we're staying at the Marriott Lakeshore Reserve, close to Disney. 30 minutes south of Winter Park.

      1. re: iloveyoutopizzas

        Will you have car and are willing to travel? This would open up a bunch more options

    2. I have some ideas for you. I used to live close to Lake shore Reserve. You should really like Lake Shore it's a pretty new resort. Anyway here are some ideas.

      While the Ale House is a chain (Florida which has expanded it may work well for your group) American fare, decent food)

      Orlando Snack Cafe - Venezuelan food. They have great empanadas, lunch specials, black beans and rice, plaintains, pork etc is very good and very inexpensive.

      Fortuna Bakery - The menu is all in spanish but they are very helpful. Little place serves up arepas, chorizo, empanadas, breakfast and lunch type foods, desserts.

      Cafe Tu Tu Tango - It's mid range tapas be careful it can be expensive depending on what you order though. All pretty sharable and an interesting and fun. They have a menu with prices on their site:

      Peperoncino - Italian. Lunch prices are decent I'm not sure how expensive dinner gets.

      1. Cheap and not sushi

        Padrino's - Cuban
        BBQ - 4 Rivers Smokehouse
        Vietnamese - Pho Vinh, Pho 88
        Chinese - Chuan Lu Garden