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May 20, 2014 03:29 PM

Recommendation for a restaurant near UCF for a group of 20

Can anyone help out with a recommendation for a group of 20 recent college grads? I'll be leading a Q&A session for a group about to head to Japan to teach English. I'd like to do Japanese, but am not that familiar with the UCF area. However, it can be any cuisine as long as we can get in for under $20-25 a head.

Needs to be near the UCF campus as that's where we'll be first meeting.

Many thanks to the Orlando chowhound community!

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  1. Please, can someone help me out with this?

    1. I just don't think there are many (any?) Japanese restaurants out near UCF. You're going to have a lot of sit-down chain restaurants along University Drive, but I can't even think of any sushi places.

      I do love Azteca de Oro for Mexican and 4 Rivers for barbecue, though:

      In the nearby Waterford Lakes shopping center, you have several more chains, as well as a small but excellent Thai restaurant, Thai Singha, sharing space with a sushi place, Kirin Sushi.

      1. Near the campus it's chain restaurants

        1. This place is on University Blvd. It's not Japanese, but it is close & meets your price.