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May 20, 2014 02:47 PM


I tried them for the first time from a vendor at the mayday parade. Where can I get them around here - preferably UNsalted? And what's a reasonable price for unshelled? Shelled?

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  1. I've seen them at Sam's Club, couldn't tell you the price.

    1. Try Trader Joe's. Or a co-op.

      1. Pistachios are wonderful, aren't they? Unsalted pistachios are a bit difficult to find. I buy organic, unsalted, shelled (aka no shell) raw pistachios at Seward co-op, and then toast them myself. They're really expensive (something like $16/lb?) but I'm worth it.

        A good Middle Eastern market will have cheaper prices, but I haven't noticed unsalted nuts at the places I've checked.

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          Very tasty! (And apparently healthy, too, from what I gather.)

          Are they not as delicious unless toasted? I don't know how to tell if the ones I had were or not.

          That price doesn't seem too bad, esp. for shelled. The ones I got were in the shell, and I bet that's close to half the weight. The seller swore they weren't salted, but I could definitely taste salt.

          I don't think I know of any Middle Eastern markets, much less good ones. Would the Holy Land shelves at MGM count?

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            I just bought those at Seward and they were really expensive. Having never had unsalted/raw pistachios before, I first thought they had gone bad... I'll have to toast and salt them and see how they taste then.

          2. While I don't remember the price, I do remember getting unsalted pistachios without shells (sometimes called "pistachio meats") at Trader Joe's last year and it was by far the best value I could find anywhere at the time. Not USDA organic, but oh well. No guarantees they still carry them, but worth checking if that's what you're looking for. They're great for pistachio ice cream, toasting for salads, or using in non-traditional-style pesto. Enjoy!

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              there are several pistachio growers in new mexico and, to combine threads, they often have a green chile flavored pistachio.

            2. The finest pistachios available in the U.S. are Bazzini's. You can buy them at The Golden Fig on Grand Avenue in STP.