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Coupla SF lunch & dinner recs this weekend?

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Arriving Fri noon May 23 from LA, taking ferry to a Giants game at 7pm; any pregame sights/food in walking distance of the park? Or recommended park food? Driving into SF with my weekend hosts Sat & Sun [they are nonfoodies, but they humor me...] We may walk Chinatown [Wok Shop, Ming Lee Trading]. I see Carnaval is in the streets of Mission district both days. We're mostly attracted to small, inexpensive, tasty 'finds'; that could even include 'offbeat', to reuse a recent hotbutton :-). My only commitment so far is taking them to Sun dinner at M.Y. China; what do you recommend there? [some handmade noodles are on my list so far]. Sadly, I always visit on holidays, and Swan Oyster Depot is always closed for them...Thx!

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