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May 20, 2014 02:14 PM

Haven Gastropub - Pasadena: CLOSED

Evidently they shuttered about a week ago. Supposedly partner problems/split up.

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    1. re: The Oracle

      That's exactly what my buddy said when he told me about them going under.

      1. re: The Oracle

        The comments section in the article mentioned the "cursed" factor as well as its size, both of which are appropriate.
        But I feel there are just too many seats in Old Pasadena to be filled every night for all of them to make money, and this place must have stiff rent, due to size and a sale price of about $6M within the past decade.
        Since about 2000, the place has been Jerry's Deli, Pause, Pasadena Brewing Co., Union Cattle Co., Dena House, Brix 42, and Haven as far as I remember.

      2. Not surprised, GF and I went there and there were some major issues. So much so I had to call back the manager and have a discussion about correct beer pricing.

        I know a lot of people from the beer world who wanted to give it a chance but once was enough. For that kind of vibe your better off at the Congregation Ale house or if it's just beer your after go to the Stone tasting room.