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Sep 21, 2004 04:37 PM

Seeking Butcher Recommendations

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I've recently moved from TO to Montreal and am hoping for some recommendations for a butcher that carries good quality steaks. In Toronto, I used to go to Pusateri's for thick rib steaks that were on a par with the expensive steakhouses, but haven't found anything here yet that compares. Also of interest to me are bison steaks. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. If you want a steak on a par with the steakhouses why not buy your steaks from Queue de Cheval (top quality Angus beef at Pusateri style prices). I would also recommend several butchers at the Atwater market (Claude et Henri, Boucherie des Tours, & Adelard Belanger are all quite good.

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      I agree with eat2much, that the best raw steaks available in Montreal are at the steakhouse(s). Unlike in Toronto, some of the top Montreal steakhouses, sell their steaks for take home. Besides Queue de Cheval, steakhouses like Moishes & 40Westt(Queue de Cheval off-shoot) do it. Both Moises & Queue de Cheval sell Prime grade beef, & their prices are much cheaper than Pusateri's(I would say about 35% less expensive).

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        Thanks very much for the advice.

        Incidentally, while passing the counter at 40Westt I thought them to be more expensive than Pusateri's (about $20 for a rib steak vs. $15), but perhaps I should take a closer look.

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          I've purchased great steaks from the Maison de Roti on Mount-Royal Ave, about 2 blocks east of Papineau. Great Butchery in general.

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            Yes, 40Westt is charging about $20 for a rib steak, but it's 18oz. The last time I checked at Pusateri's they were carrying different grades & brands of Canadian & US beef. The US Prime at Pusateri's was going for about close to $30/pound for rib steaks(less for the other US & Canadian beef). They were also carrying Canadian Kobe beef at outrageous prices.

            BTW, since 40Westt & Queue de Cheval are roughly charging around the same prices for their raw steaks, why don't you get your steaks at Queue de Cheval? Since they first started doing it, they have raised prices a little bit. 40Westt is using Black Angus beef, while Queue de Cheval is selling Prime grade beef(there was a US beef ban earlier this year, so Q was using Canada Prime grade beef instead of their usual US Prime).

            Just remembered, there's a butcher shop very near 40Westt, called Fresh Cutz(514-685-2889) in Marche de L'Ouest(it's located in the outside portion of the market), that's carrying Canadian Kobe beef(the only butcher in Quebec doing it) & premium organic Canadian beef. And they're not charging outrageous prices for their Kobe(technically should be called Wagyu), as it's a cross-bred(Kobe & Angus). It's still more expensive than US Prime, but very very cheap for Kobe. The marbling on their Canadian Kobe beef is much much more than even US Prime grade beef. I've tried it & found it excellent.

            1. re: BL

              Fresh Cutz has since closed their storefront. They still take Canadian Kobe beef & Canadian organic beef orders, but only by mail order. Sorry I don't have their phone number handy.

            2. re: Blah

              Blah, you seem to be correct. Just checked the other day, the prices for raw steaks at Queue de Cheval(part of the 40Westt family), their prices have almost doubled since previously. 40Westt & Queue de Cheval charge about same prices for raw steaks. Now by my calculations, their prices are close to Pusateri's.

        2. I asked about bison a while ago on this board and got this very helpful reply:

          At the Jean-Talon Market, Prince Noir (514 906-1110) almost always has fresh bison for sale and Boucherie du Marché (514 270-7732) usually does too.

          I was able to get bison at Prince Noir both times I've been up, including just yesterday. They're actually having a special on bison right now.