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May 20, 2014 12:39 PM

Coming to Portland for two nights from Toronto


I am coming to Portland for two nights (August 11th and 12th) and would love some guidance/suggestions for our two evenings. I am coming with a girlfriend and we are in our mid-thirties and staying downtown. We are in Portland for two nights and then heading to the coast for two nights with a few stops along the way to visit some vineyards :)

I have done some research and have shortlisted the spots I am interested in but I can only hit two and there may be better ones I have missed!! Thoughts? I would love feedback!!!

Le Pidgen
Ava Gene's

It would be great if you could suggest a lunch spot and any great cocktail bars we should hit.

Thanks in advance for your help! We are so excited to visit Portland and I promise to report back!!

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  1. Roe is not open on Monday and Tuesday nights, so it is out completely...and Ox is closed on Monday.

    Ox and Ava Gene are two of my current faves. Others include Racion (closed Monday), Lincoln (closed Monday), Nostrana, American Local (closed Monday)

    Great cocktails can be had many places, including Ox, Ava Gene, Nostrana, American Local, Racion, St, Jack, Rum Club, Angel Face, Clyde Common, Vintage Cocktail Bar, Multnomah Whiskey Library (it's an experience - get there to line up about 15 minutes before they open...yes, even on a Mon or Tues...I'm not kidding)...and many others...

    1. Le Pigeon is great. Sitting at the chef's bar is really a kick. Have not been to your other 4 picks for dinner. Would strongly recommend a meal at Andina. It is a superb Peruvian restaurant. We enjoyed dinner there (although it is very crowded and noisy). Other CH's say that lunch there is also terrific. We recently stayed at the Hotel Lucia and their restaurant Imperial by Paley is excellent. Certainly would recommend it at least for breakfast, or perhaps lunch.