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May 20, 2014 12:13 PM

Remington's, Brandl, other?

I need a restaurant for a birthday dinner (Monmouth preferred) for the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend - party of 9 or 10. Will have a disabled guest who cannot easily maneuver steps. Also will have a couple of kids and teens in tow. Remington's and Brandl show availability on Open Table. Been to Brandl many times, not Remington's. Menu wise they seem comparable. I hate to spend $30+ on entrees for my teen boys, but probably can't be avoided. Any thoughts on these choices or something else to consider? Trying to keep it relatively safe in terms of food (American/New American, Italian). TIA!!

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  1. I prefer Remington's, but I may have some bias based upon proximity. It's definitely a cooler space.

    In the same basic category, there is also Scarborough Fair in Wall (just south of Sea Girt Ave. off 35). You might even be able to get your own "room" for a large group.

    1. Matisse just reopened 10th and main

      1. Thanks for the recs!!