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May 20, 2014 11:59 AM

Family Dining Near Intercontinental Boston in July

We'll be in town mid July and are looking for dining suggestions, mainly near our hotel, but we're willing to make a detour if it's worth it. Here are our details:

- family of 4 from Toronto, including 2 young children, 5 and 8 who aren't too picky
- Love Italian food, especially Southern Italian, but we are eager to try food indigenous to Boston
- We get enough good Asian food (Chinese, Indian) where we are so, we will skip these
- budget for lunch is $40 and $100 for dinner, we don't drink, so that should stretch our dollar some...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You don't want to miss historical Durgin Park.

    Try the roast pork and Indian pudding

    1. Pasta Beach is good Italian right near your hotel. Good for kids too

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        Picco looks interesting - but if there are any North End reccos, I'd rather do that.

      2. I don't know if they still have their takeout counter, but if it's still there J.G. Hook is around the corner; you could get lobster rolls and other seafood and have a picnic lunch on the Greenway for a true Boston food experience.

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          They do have the takeout counter, and actually have seating both inside and out if your so inclined, and I agree, can't get more Boston than a lobster roll eaten seaside

        2. How about stuff in the North End? Anything on Quincy market?

          I also just realized we'll need breakfast options as we don't really want to eat at the hotel.

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            you're a quick walk to Flour from your hotel for Breakfast

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              Durgin Park is actually in one of the Quincy Market buildings so you could walk around either before or after. For a coffee+ type breakfast Flour is a bakery/cafe and is a few blocks from where you'll be staying. In the morning, in addition to pastries, they do have a breakfast sandwich which is very good. The James Beard Foundation recently announced that Joanne Chang, the owner, is one of 4 nominees in the best Chef in the Northeast category. The cinnamon pecan sticky bun is really good as are the homemade oreo cookies. Actually, I can't remember getting anything there that I didn't like. They have really good sandwiches too...especially their BLT. Here is the website. The location closest to you would be Fort Point.

            2. Lunch budget for four is $40? There aren't many places in that area beyond counter service that you could find lunch in that price range. I'd recommend T.R. Street Food (offshoot of Tavern Road), Flour, and Bee's Knees for lunch.

              I'm not much of a North End person, but you can search the board for all kinds of North End recommendations. It's Boston's version of Little Italy, and a very short walk from your hotel.

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                The kids won't eat that much and will probably share, so it's almost like $40 for 3 people.