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May 20, 2014 10:34 AM

Anniversary Weekend in Portland

My husband and I are going to Portland at the end of May for our 10th anniversary. We love good quality, unique food using local ingredients, but not fancy, over the top expensive restaurants (and no chains or tourist traps). We have a reservation at Le Pigeon for the night of our anniversary, but I'm wondering if the communal table atmosphere will be too loud and not as intimate for a special occasion dinner. Any thoughts? Would Little Bird Bistro be a more appropriate atmosphere? Any other suggestions for other dinners, as well as breakfast/ lunch/ happy hour are welcome. We are staying at the Ace Hotel and plan to be on bike for the majority of our trip. Thanks!

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  1. Little Bird is awesome.
    There have been many excellent visitor reports on this site. Just scroll down and see some great ideas.
    Happy hours: Teardrop, East India Co.
    Brunch: Tasty n Alder, Kenny & Zuke's.
    And don't miss the many vendors at Portland Farmers Market PSU, some of whom also have shops: Lauretta Jean, Pine State Biscuit, Two Tarts etc.
    Dislike tourist traps? Skip Voodoo & go to Blue Star donuts instead!

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    1. re: Leonardo

      Thanks for the advice, Leonardo! I have heard that about the donut shops, so we'll definitely hit Blue Star. Would you say Little Bird is better than Le Pigeon, or is it too difficult to compare? I guess a better question is which is quieter?

      1. re: jodyrobi

        Other tourist traps: Jake's & Moonstruck Chocolate.
        I would say LB is quieter & more appropriate.

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          Ok, we just made a res at Little Bird for our anniversary dinner, but we will hit Le Pigeon for happy hour another night. Thanks for the advice!

    2. We visited Portland recently and our favorite meal was at Andina. Some of the best food I've had anywhere.

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      1. re: tastycakes

        I just checked out their menu, and it looks awesome. We'll have to hit it another night. We'll be there for 4 nights, and we're not opposed to progressively dining and hitting several places in one evening. Thanks!

      2. Consider Tasty n Alder for brunch. Or Toro Bravo for dinner (though they don't take reservations, so there's a long wait unless you get there before opening). Really great food in an unpretentious atmosphere. Small plates so you can try lots of fun stuff.

        Congrats on the anniversary—my wife and I hit 10 years on the 29th.

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        1. re: rjpdx

          Will do! Thanks and happy 10th to you too!

          1. re: jodyrobi

            Other musts for Ace Hotel area: Maurice, Little T Bakery, and Courier for coffee & the baked goods.